Midomi. Finally I can figure out what that song is!

Well the iPhone killer app is here! Who thought it would happen on day one? You know when your with friends and someone sings a tune and everyone is like, “What the hell song is that? I know that one! What is it? Dam I can’t remember!”. Next you all stand around grinding you teeth frustrated your brain can’t come up with the answer. Well if you own an iPhone just tap the Midomi icon and then get this amazing fact: sing the tune into the phone OR hold your phone to the song playing and after a few seconds Midomi will identify it!

If you know the name of the song or artist you can also just type it in or say it into the iPhone’s microphone. But the crazy coolness doesn’t stop there. Once your song is identified the app will take you to either YouTube to watch the video or the iTunes Store so you can buy it.

Does it work? I don’t know I don’t have an iPhone yet. It’s free so if your an iPhone owner load it up let me know please.

Go get it now: link