M-audio announces the successor to the 410.

I was one of the first owners of the M-Audio Firewire410. It’s been on the road with me for a few years and never gave me any problems. When a tiny screw fell out of the front of the unit I emailed M-Audio to see if they would send me a new one. Two days later I receive a package of new screws, a hat and a shirt (I know I told this story before). M-Audio you were nice to me so back at you! Here’s some free press for your new toy. I remember when M-Audio was called Midiman. They were a little outfit with ads in the back of Keyboard Magazine. How did you get so big? I’ll tell you one thing, they sure know how to style consumer electronics. I don’t even need this and I want one. Remember this is also an inexpensive way in to Pro-tools.

Designed by the company that revolutionized mobile music production with the industry-standard FireWire 410, the ProFire™ 610 FireWire audio/MIDI interface transforms your Mac or PC into a powerful 6-in/10-out recording studio. Premium digital converters deliver high-definition, 24-bit/192kHz audio throughout the signal path. Two preamps with award-winning Octane™ technology offer clean, transparent sound with low noise and exceptional headroom. Onboard DSP mixing provides a totally flexible recording experience—perfect for creating multiple, independent monitor mixes. The user-assignable master volume knob gives you flexible control over output levels. MIDI I/O allows you to connect keyboards and other outboard MIDI hardware. The half-rack-space unit also doubles as a standalone two-channel microphone preamp and A/D-D/A converter. ProFire 610 is compatible with most major audio software, making it an unbeatable choice for personal, high-definition recording.

More info at the M-audio site: click here