Halo Harp

Last night I went to a birthday party in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When it was over I went out with some friends and was surprised to find out that Michal Matejcík was performing at the Sullivan Room. I raced over there to him. I’ve mentioned him on this blog before. He plays covers of Depeche Mode songs on the harp. Check out the video I recorded of Michal performing Halo.

“The night will kick off at 10pm with a unique performance by the renowned Slovakian harpist Michal Matej?ík who presents Depeche Mode songs rearranged for the harp combined with audio mixes as well as visuals on screen. Michal performed as an opening act for Depeche Mode in two shows this year…” – DJ Shred

For more info: michalmatejcik.com

Depeche Mode by Harp

More proof a huge part of what made classic Depeche Mode so wonderful was the amazing dark melodies. Michal Matejcik from the Czech Republic performs PIMPF, Question of Time, Something to Do, People Are People, Master & Servant and more. I want this guy playing in Macy’s this Christmas, at the weddings I go to and everywhere else please.

“Sometimes I don’t blame them for wanting you. You look good and they need something to do. Until I look at you and then I condemn them. I know my kind. What goes on in our minds.” – Depeche Mode

For more info: youtube.com/user/DepmodeCom

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