Photos from The Horrorist Live in Malta 2014

I’m a lucky man. For more than 10 years I’ve been booked to perform in Malta. It’s three small islands below Italy and above Africa. It’s paradise. It has ancient cities with Roman ruins and a blue lagoon you can’t believe. The hotel I stayed in (Le Meridien) had a pool on the roof, an indoor pool with water that changed colors and the view from my balcony looked out onto the Mediterranean Sea. I performed at the Dome which itself had three swimming pools. It gets it’s name from the main concert area which is well in a dome. I enjoyed performing! After 10 years coming back to a country you build up fans and friends. I performed some new songs I am testing out and also played the song I recently did with Haujobb. For those who were there and know what I am talking about a special thanks to “Super Mario”! I did plenty of sight seeing including visiting the ancient city of Mdina and the capital city (which is also dam old) Valletta. I took a wonderful boat ride to Camino to it’s blue lagoon and caves. I snorkeled, ate some nice Maltese food and hiked. I owe a great debt to Andrew Grech and his crew for continuing to bring me to their island. It’s always a terrific time. New York is a fast paced stressful place. To go to a place like Malta brings me a well needed alternate reality!

“Oliver Chesler better known as The Horrorist will return to our shores on the 21st of June at The Dome, Limits of San Gwann. Get ready for one Mental night!” – Shift

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The Horrorist Live Malta 2011 Report

I’m back from Malta and I had a superb time! For some reason the long travel didn’t phase me. I read a couple hundred pages of the Steve Jobs bio and watched some movies. Here’s my quick movie reviews… Contagion: I thought it would be better but still entertaining. A Better Life: Pretty good and makes you have a warm heart for Mexcian and S. American workers in the USA. Crazy, Stupid Love: Ryan Gosling is good inspiration for the gym and there’s a good enough romantic scene if your into that kind of thing (I am). Limitless: A strange pro-drug movie which is not all that great yet it’s stuck in my mind.

Now to the live show report. The club Tattingers was crowded and the stage area was very tight. You don’t need security in Malta with respect to violence however some crowd control would have been helpful. About half way through the set when I started to throw out some of the new stickers from the stage kids rushed up and knocked the table hard enough that my new Macbook Pro went flying down about 20 feet. The music went off and nicely the kids started chanting Horrorist over and over very loudly. When I am on stage I’m locked in the zone so once the computer was handed to me I just restarted and and the show went on. My Apple fanboyism is stronger than ever because there’s only a very small mark on the corner where it must have hit the floor. I do have an SSD in the thing which may have saved the night. In fact the chanting really pumped me up so much that the rest of the show was so energetic I was completely sweat wet when it was all over. If you make music you have to get out an play live there’s nothing in the world like it.

Pet Duo had a mountain of computers, Ableton Launchpad controllers, CDJs, etc… and held the club in a hard techno daze for hours. I always love performing in Malta and the promoter has promised me the next gig will be in the peak summer season and I get to take his water scooter out for a ride!

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The Horrorist Live Saturday Malta

I’m off this weekend to perform in Malta. I’ve played there numerous times before and this weekend I am upping the “military music” with 3 new fairly agressive techno tracks (with vocals). One of the songs called Take this Step has become one of my new favorites and is sort of a successor to Flesh is the Fever or Hard Step Future Force (for those who follow my tunes). Pet Duo are a couple from Brazil who live in Berlin. I’ve met them enough times in hotels, airports and show to call them good friends. They are crazy (in a good way) and militant vegetarians. Speaking of hotels they don’t mess around over there. I will be spending time in the indoor pool for sure and will certainly sit by the Mediterranean. If your Maltese or on vacation there I hope you come out and do say hello in person!

“Tickets are out at €20 from PCWise, Royal Impact, Fact and selected runners. Infoline – 99909808”

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Sticker Fetish

The new stickers for “The Horrorist” have arrived. They were designed by Maurice Roy and printed at Maurice created 3 color versions based upon red, white and black. They turned out quite beautiful. The first people to get some of these will be in Malta this weekend!

“Shift & Cubik are proud to be able to bring over the PETs and The Horrorist for a night of bone crunching bass and in your face vocals. Supported by: Faddy, Punisher, Jefaz & The Volt Tickets are out at €20 from PCWise, Royal Impact, Fact and selected runners. Infoline – 99909808”

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The Horrorist Live Report – Malta 2010

The Horrorist Live – Malta 2010 from Oliver Chesler on Vimeo.

Well I finally have a few hours this afternoon to chillout. Day job plus night job took its toll on me. After my weekend in Malta I had to report to the energy business early Monday. I’m not complaining at all its just coffee isn’t working on me anymore. As you can see from the video above I did my best letting the people of Malta know where they live, “Malta!”. I know its silly in the video but at 2:00AM it worked just fine. I played a new intro and a new song during the set and I was pleased. I love surprising DJs who don’t know my show with my antics. Billy Nasty took it in stride and smartly played some good party techno after my set.

“Malta, officially the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta’ Malta), is a developed southern European country and consists of an archipelago situated centrally in the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north-east of Tunisia, with Gibraltar 1,826 km to the west and Alexandria 1,510 km to the east.” –

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Reporting back after my live show in Malta.

I performed live Saturday night in Malta (photo above). It’s a great island below Italy and above Lybia. It’s in the EU, has ancient Roman ruins and amazing blue water. I’ve been performing there about once a year for the past five years and it’s a real treat. These are the kind of gigs everyone dreams about. Our hotel had a large terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. The hotel also had four swimming pools! Ok back to the music…

The most interesting aspect of the trip music tech wise was at sound check. Scottish techno producer Neil Landstrumm (photo below) was also performing and he brought some nice toys. Besides his Mac laptop with Ableton he had an Elektron Machinedrum and Korg ESX1 Electribe SX. My interest really peaked when he pulled out a FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor and Boss RE 20 Space Echo. Needless to say Neil’s sound was very punchy and he had the crowd going. We are old pals (he used to live in NYC) and he went on about how much he liked both the RNC and RE 20.

I ran into some problems at sound check. After making the club check all their equipment for about an hour Neil pointed out the issue was my fault. It turns out my mic was on and even though none of the Ableton channels had the input on the mic was so loud distorting it was bleeding through causing some nasty zapping sounds. I graciously apologized to everyone and luckily redeemed myself later in the night by managing to crowd surf without looking like an idiot.

What? Crowd surf? Unfortunately yes. I like to be really connected to the audience so usually I jump down off the stage however remaining on my feet and walk through people singing. This time it was so packed when I hit the floor without me being able to stop them the kids picked me up! By some magic grace of god I didn’t look too stupid and they floated me back to the stage in one piece. In fact no one even messed up my hair… whew!

I played two songs which are totally new; stuff for my next album. Both worked however I need to make “Lightning Strikes” less synth full for a club setting. “I Stand with You” made me very happy. Only by playing your songs in a live situation can you be ever sure if they are great or not. That’s the tip of the day.

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