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Music Tech in Review – Episode 1 – Podcast Chat by cdm

I’m obsessed with podcasts. When I moved to Berlin every time I missed english speak or felt alone Leo Laporte and his podcasts were in my ear. After I blogged for a while I knew I had to do a podcast too. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. Most podcasts with just one host seem really boring to me. After I met Peter Kirn last month at the SAE/Shocklee Panel for IMSTA I knew I had to run the idea past him. Create Digital Music is without doubt an important source for music tech words. I credit that site for killing my subscriptions to Keyboard and Electronic Musician (I still get Sound on Sound). Honestly we don’t know if we have the energy to keep this up but we enjoyed recording the first one. I assume we will keep it going, get a cool name for it, add some audio bumpers and become more comfortable talking. We will get the quality up a bit too. I hope you enjoy our ramblings.

Topics covered: Google Listen, RockBand 3, Korg IMS20, Polychord, iOS Midi, Meeblip, Step Poly Arp, Magic Fiddle, Beat Bop, Pro-Tools 9, Ohm Studio

Links to all the topics covered on one nice bundle:

“This was entirely impromptu, but we do intend to plan ahead and do it right and make it a regular thing. That raises a couple of questions. What would you want in such a program? (High on my list: adding some actual music and music discussion, guests, interactive Q&A…)” – Peter Kirn, CDM

Photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives

Smule Magic Fiddle

Smule’s latest instrument for iOS is iPad specific and it’s their best instrument yet. I downloaded Magic Fiddle last night and played with it for about two hours straight. If you know me you know I like old detuning analog synths. The Magic Fiddle has some of that quality mixed with a slide guitar type of sound. This App feels like a very responsive real instrument. Because it’s a Smule product it has great interactive tutorials built in, social media hooks and a songbook. You can also expand your song collection via in App purchases. If you tried other Smule Apps and were underwhelmed still try this one it’s killer. It’s available in the App store now for $2.99: click here

“Play songs by following streams of colored light in the Songbook.” –

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