Electronic Musician Modular

I used to get both Keyboard and Electronic Musician magazines in the mail each month. My iPad and the internet has replaced those days but I am glad to see the mags still live on. Electronic Musician has just started releasing Modsquad a YouTube series with Gino Robair and Jim Aikin about modulars. I really like these and there’s no better video online that shows off the Metasonix R54. Enjoy!

“Electronic Musician magazine is the ultimate resource for musicians who want to make better music, in the studio or onstage. Visit our website for artist features, gear reviews, and more tutorials!” – emusician.com

For more info: youtube.com/user/MyElectronicMusician/videos

Sound on Sound iPad Edition

My favorite pro-audio magazine Sound on Sound is now available on the iPad. As a print subscriber I wish they would give me a discount (or free) subscription. It will be tough to choose which way I go once my dead tree subscription is over. So far I haven’t enjoyed magazines on my iPad. Maybe the retina display and speed of the new iPad will change that. It’s definitely is nice to have on page audio clips available for a magazine like this. The timing of this release is also good because the FAA is also reviewing it’s policy on e-Readers on airplanes and traveling with a print issue and an iPad starts to get hefty. $4.99 per issue. $39.99 for 12 months.

“The iPad edition contains all the editorial content of the print magazine, enhanced with audio and other interactive media. This is a fully bespoke App, specifically developed to optimise the reading and viewing experience within the e-reader medium — not just PDFs of the print pages, so no scrolling required just to read a column of text!” – soundonsound.com

For more info: soundonsound.com/news?NewsID=14809

The Horrorist interview in Sonic Seducer

Sonic Seducer is one of Germany’s large goth/EBM music magazines. One of the writers there Thomas Pilgrim did a Skype audio interview with me and here’s the result (click the image to enlarge).

“Auch der Titel “Joyless Pleasure” hinterlasst trotz seiner Widersprüchlichkeit letztendlich eher einen desolaten Beigeschmack.” – sonic-seducer.de

For more info: thehorrorist.com

Go get your free subscription to TapeOp Magazine.

Is this some kind of Wire to the Ear special? Nope. TapeOp is free for everyone, anytime. If you make music you should head over, sign up and get some new bathroom reading. All you need is a TapeOp Magazinevalid email address. I’m not 100% what the deal is but since I started receiving my free copies I have not gotten any new spam that would make me think it’s coming from them. I like this quote on their website:

Third class USA Subscriptions are free, but not 100% guaranteed to arrive, or may arrive torn. However, 98% arrive just fine. – www.tapeop.com/subscription

TapeOp was founded in 1996 by editor in chief Larry Crane who according the TapeOp.com is “is an internationally known water slide champion.”. The articles have a US centric, high end gear (class A pre-amps, etc…), smart feel to them. It’s a very different experience than reading Computer Music for example.

I just received the newest issue and instantly a few articles peaked my interest. There is an interview with John Buckman who created Creative Commons which I talk about in my post titled “Put a Creative Commons Licence to your music.“. In the letters section there are a few reactions to a previous article talking about CD prices that are interesting. They bring up the point that if a CD were $7 piracy would be a non-issue. I can agree to that to some extent. There are several reviews of course, including one for the Groove Tubes SuPRE mic preamp which is very gearlustable!

Groove Tubes SuPRE

To round out the TapeOp experience they have a terrific forum. If you find yourself in a gorgeous recording studio somewhere in the woods on the side of the mountain and its filled with vintage gear you don’t know how to use head over to messageboard.tapeop.com and ask some questions. They will have your answer!