Macbeth Micromac

On my morning RSS read through my favorite pro-audio sites Synthtopia re-posted some photos from Ken Macbeth’s Facebook page. The photos show Ken’s idea for a small synth to compete with the Doepfer Dark Energy, Vermona Lancet and other mini boutique desktop modules. Ken the man behind Macbeth Studio Systems created what could be the best synth of all time the Macbeth M5. I know it could be the best because I’ve played with one in Berlin and never heard anything as good before or after. He gets the core stuff right like the speed of the envelope’s, etc… So if this little box makes it into the world count me in.

“?…as well as the 5U stuff that I’m working on…..I play with the idea of designing some very small (42HP in 3U) midi driven analogue! Whay just have one oscillator and one envelope generator when you could have three oscs and two independant envelopes?!” – Ken Macbeth

I don’t follow synth makers on Facebook. Who else is worth friending there? Any recommendations?

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