Defective Records Sequencers

Recently I mentioned the Orwell Digital OR-1M analog style software sequencer (link). To create certain types of EBM or Giorgio Moroder stuff it really helps to have an analog sequencer. Being software I was surprised how well the OR-1M gets me “that sound”. I was on the Muffwiggler reading about the upcoming Intellijel Metropolis hardware sequencer. It’s based on the M-185 sequencer by “RYK” so I went searching for some demos. This lead me to a software version by Defective Records (also called the M-185). Having Daniel Miller’s photo on the page kept me reading and the M-185 is in partnership with RYK. To my delight Defective Records also has a software Klee and CycliC software sequencer. I can’t wait to try these out and the prices are good.

“Includes virtually all major functions from the hardware M185, and adds many new ones specific to the software version.” –

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