is a good place to learn a DAW and more.

About two years ago I learned the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator at Illustrator was one of those programs I owned that I always struggled with. The free tutorials I could find online in the usual spots really didn’t get me to a place where I felt like I knew the software. Frustrated, I asked a graphic designer friend do teach me what he knew and instead he bought me one month at Lynda. Within a week I was in a happy vector place. What does this have to do with an “all things pro-audio” weblog? Well as it happens Lynda also has courses from some pro-audio apps including Pro-Tools, Logic, Reason and Soundtrack Pro. I’m a big Ableton freak and I know Cubase inside and out. However, in a few weeks I’m going to be working with some new people and unfortunately they are Logic nerds. I can’t be in a room of computers and not take the helm sometimes so Lynda is getting me up to Logic speed. In fact I think by tomorrow night I may know more than the the guys who have been using the big L since it’s Emagic days.

Wow… I just read the above and it seems like an ad… so a disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in anyway with Lynda. I just really do think it’s a good resource. Almost all the courses have the first few lessons unlocked so go check some out!