Luxonix LFX-1310 is a free multi-effect plug-in.

Luxonix LFX-1310

Here’s another reason why there’s no exuse to use cracks. This free multi effect unit is from Korean manufacturer Luxonix. They make the Ravity software rompler. Luxonix is the effect section ripped out of Ravity and given to us for free. I did some research and Luxonix was released in 2004 but I thought it was worth mentioning because up until last night I never heard of it. So maybe you hadn’t either? My friend had it on his laptop and of course it peaked my interest.

Its available for Mac and it’s Universal Binary. It’s available for PC and also runs on Vista. It looks and sounds like commercial software. When it was released in 2004 it won KVR‘s “Free Plug-in Effect of the Year”.

I like the interface a lot. It reminds me of some old hardware and it’s a simple layout. Three slots load up three effects. Three parameters for each effect are tweakable. You get 128 presets, 32bit processing and 24 effect algorithms:

– S’Filter 12 / S’Filter 24 / 3-band EQ
– Peak Compressor / RMS Compressor
– Overdrive / Distortion / Amp Distortion
– Crusher / LP Noise / Stereo Image
– Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Auto Wah / Tremolo / Auto Pan
– Delay / Stereo Delay / Ping-pong Delay
– Gate Reverb / Room Reverb / Hall Reverb / Spring Reverb

Go grab your download now: click here