Livescribe: When your pen is your piano!

I started a new job and the training sessions are filled with a lot of information including some math. Because it’s not a classroom or seminar setting I’m sticking with pen and paper. In a situation like a new job I don’t really feel like standing out too much. I can take notes pretty quickly and when I get home I check my scribbles and type everything important into Google Docs.

It got me thinking that in 2009 there must be a better way. With a quick search I came across the “Livescribe Pulse Smartpen“. It’s not so simple to explain but in general it records audio as you write and later you can click on your writing and it will be the audio that it recorded at that moment in time. Later, you can sync it to your computer where it does some OCR ala Evernote style. After I Twittered a “Wow this is cool!” and a link, a friend Chuck in Berlin said he owned one and loved it.

So as with all things I want I scoot over to YouTube to see a few videos of people using whatever said item is. The first video that came up was the one above. Things get awesome at 1:27 in… I didn’t know Livescribe could teach and talk to you let alone be a freakin Piano, drum machine, vibraphone, steel drum, fiddle and translator!

Tell me you didn’t grin just a little bit while you watched that video above?

More about Livescribe: