The Horrorist Live in London 2014 Full Show Report

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The Horrorist Live London

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I recently performed a live show in London. It was the first show of a tour in Europe which would take me to Stockholm, a week in Berlin and end in Stuttgart. The event took place at Electrowerkz which also hosts Slimelight. I performed at Slimelight before so I knew the venue would be perfect. I should mention I also one performed at one of the Drop the Bomb events in London too. At that show I notoriously hooked the wrong piece of equipment to a transformer and almost burned the place down.

After a few hours sleep and soundcheck I took a taxi to another event for a book release. The book “Some Wear Leather Some Wear Lace” is an essay and photo book on Post Punk and Goth. It has a photo of me in it (page 46) so I spent a few hours listening to UK goth DJs, drinking wine and well showing everyone who would bare me blabbing on page 46! I made it back to Electrowerkz an hour before my show and paced backstage for a bit. I think you can ask anyone who performs that the hour before getting on stage is the worst. Everything almost always goes perfectly but until you get in front of people and scream the first lyric your mind imagines everything going wrong.

With a good amount of smoke and proper lighting I did my thing. I performed some new songs I am testing for my next album. One song in particular is really working. It’s a track I am collaborating on with a guy named Daniel Olarte. He’s from Bogota but is living in NYC. He’s worked David Carretta and is a name to watch. The other DJs of the night (Jerome Hill, Chris Redmond, Tom E C, etc…) were playing some hard acid and some nice old Disintegrator tracks (thanks for that guys!). After the show I was kindly handed two ecstacy pills. I knew I had to leave for Sweden early the next morning and I would never do such things anyway ;)… so I handed them off to a friend and got the hell out of there in one piece. Chris (DJ Manga) and Tom Chamberlain were great hosts so a big thank you to them for being patient while I put the tour together and making this happen. Thanks to 303 PHOTO for most of these great shots. To see the full photo set: click here

“44 City and Elektrofied are proud to present The Horrorist! Making a very rare, exclusive appearance in the UK, Oliver Chesler will fly over from New York to headline a night of Techno and Electro spread over two rooms in Electrowerkz, London.” – Elektrofied

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photo credit: 303 PHOTO

The Horrorist Live August and September

The Horrorist Uniform

I have a lot of live shows and DJ gigs coming up. Here’s a few that are happening this and next month:

August 29, 2014 – Gigors (Near Lyon), France – The Freakshow Festival

September 12, 2014 – London, UK – One Night in London City

September 13, 2014 – Stockholm, Sweden – Special event with Flexiwave!
Link and more info soon! (DJ SET)

September 17, 2014 – Berlin, Germany – Special EBM event!
More info soon! (DJ SET)

September 20, 2014 – Stuttgart, Germany – One Night at InTEKKnatioN

“Making a very rare, exclusive appearance in the UK, Oliver Chesler will fly over from New York to headline a night of Techno and Electro spread over two rooms in Electrowerkz, London.” – Electrowerkz

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This Weekend Newcastle and Dortmund

This weekend I (The Horrorist) am performing in Newcastle UK and Dortmund, Germany. Friday night in Newcastle is the last night ever of a long running event called “Milk the Cow”. As people say goodbye they will be of course going berserk and I am ready to lose it with them. That event will be a mixed techno, electro all the way to hard stuff type of crowd. I have a tough journey to Dortmund starting early the next day. It’s simply not that easy to get from Newcastle to Dortmund so I have a long layover in Heathrow getting me into Dusseldorf at 19:45. After a drive to Dortmund there won’t be much time to rest before the event. That event is a birthday party for a friend of mine Sascha Blank. I say birthday part but it’s really a huge hardcore techno event with a large amount of DJs and several rooms. I’m looking forward to catching up with Marc Acardipane and some other old friends I haven’t seen in a while. For both shows I have 3 new songs to test live. As usual I will be reporting when I can via social media and then a full report here when I return.

“Let us take you into the future with Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist coming Live & direct from New York City . Dark sleazy techno, narcotic techno percussion and hardcore rave stabs are brought to life with his vocal driven cold wave electro. Chris Liebing , Ricardo Villalobos and Chris Liberator have all remixed his classic track One Night in New York City and he appeared in the classic Depeche Mode documentary 101. This guy is a true creative genius, defys genre and holds legendary status. We’re very excited to welcome The Horrorist to Newcastle.

Die HEADLINER an diesem Tage und in der Nacht sind 2 Mannschaften die es in sich haben, 2 Gruppen voller Gegensätze und doch zig Gemeinsamkeiten. 2 Mannschaften die es wert sind befeiert zu werden und mit wunderbarer Musik beschallt zu werden.”

Newcastle info:
Dortmund info:

Photos from The Horrorist Live in Scotland 2012

Here’s a set of photos from my live show last month in Scotland. The event was in a town near Edinburgh called Rosyth. It was for an old friend David Booney at a properly sick named party Nosebleed. As you can see you don’t really come to my show if your looking for a calming experience. Even if you don’t like the music I will give you a show though. Besides the new outfits I played quite a lot of new songs. I even played some slow stuff at this full hardcore event. As long as you engage with the audience and let them have enough of what they want you can get away with stuff like that. DJ Smurf and Loftgroover also did there thing (both fun and interesting people). Booney had a long afterparty at his house and I made some new friends for sure. See that photo of a truck? That was my ride to the airport (thanks again Billy!). To see the full set on flickr: click here

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Here is the House

Here are two versions of Depeche Mode’s Here is the House. Both are very different than the album version. The demo version shows how simply they start the writing process. The lyrics are also different as in the demo he says “Colors and Shapes Merge Together” instead of “Body and Soul”. Both these versions let you hear the amazing guitar line after the the 1st verse. When the fans clap to the guitar in the live version it always brings me to tears. There are people like us.

“So we stay at home and I’m by your side and you know what’s going on inside. Inside my heart. Inside this house. And I just want to let it out for you.” – Martin L. Gore

Buy the song: iTunes or Amazon

German pain and flat tires

I’m back from East Germany. The trip was great but exhausting. No matter how much healthy eating and elliptical training a 40 year old can do prepares you for the body attack two live shows like this take from you. It’s not just the hours of full volume vocals it’s the long flights, drives between cities and lack of sleep. I wouldn’t trade it for anything but I am feeling the pain today. A funny note: When I got to my car at JKF long term parking I had a flat. I fixed it and then the spare blew! After a 9 hour flight that’s just wrong.

For the full set of photos:

Two live shows in one night.

This weekend I am playing two live shows in East Germany in the same night. I play at The Sky Club in Leipzig from 2:00AM – 3:00AM and I play an large event called Hard & Smart in an abandoned sugar factory from 4:30AM – 5:30AM. I’ve done this kind of thing before but I always laugh a little thinking how crazy it is (especially considering I am flying from NYC to do it). Everything could go smoothly because the booking agency will be driving me and watching the clock. Howver, I do wonder if I will start my show on time at the Alte Zuckerfabrik (Old Sugar Factory). Reason being I played there before and it get so crowded it’s hard to get to the stage and set up without people stopping you to chat. Here’s a photo from the last time I played there:

I will test out a few new songs and if I am not too sweaty I will break out the iPhone and use sampleToy (iTunes link) live. Before each show I send out a Madmimi promotion. I highly recommend Madmimi for email marketing. You can see the latest one here:

Madmimi recent also created mini sign up forms you can embed on your websites like this one below the contact form on my record label’s website:

If I have internet in my hotel I will surely report in!

The Horrorist Live Report – Malta 2010

The Horrorist Live – Malta 2010 from Oliver Chesler on Vimeo.

Well I finally have a few hours this afternoon to chillout. Day job plus night job took its toll on me. After my weekend in Malta I had to report to the energy business early Monday. I’m not complaining at all its just coffee isn’t working on me anymore. As you can see from the video above I did my best letting the people of Malta know where they live, “Malta!”. I know its silly in the video but at 2:00AM it worked just fine. I played a new intro and a new song during the set and I was pleased. I love surprising DJs who don’t know my show with my antics. Billy Nasty took it in stride and smartly played some good party techno after my set.

“Malta, officially the Republic of Malta (Maltese: Repubblika ta’ Malta), is a developed southern European country and consists of an archipelago situated centrally in the Mediterranean, 93 km south of Sicily and 288 km north-east of Tunisia, with Gibraltar 1,826 km to the west and Alexandria 1,510 km to the east.” –

The promoters of this event SHIFT are always fun and professional. Visit them here:

Sunday Sounds: Cocaine fueled Iggy Pop

I’m not a “love anything Iggy ever did” kind of fan. I love the same Iggy and the Stooges songs every hipster goes for such as I Wanna Be Your Dog and Gimme Danger. If by some bizzare chance you don’t know those two song do yourself a favor and click the titles and listen to some greatness. Today’s video shows you there was a time it was perfectly acceptable to be high on cocaine and on television. I remember watching an interview with Iggy in the 90’s where he went off on David Crosby for being fat, eating meat and being “establishment”. All press is good press.

Diary from Live Friday night in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here’s a slice of my life from this weekend. I wanted to live blog this but I couldn’t bare to spend about $35 USD on internet access from my hotel room. Why do they charge so much? The cheapest Café will give you free net with a $2 cup of coffee.

I had a booking set for Geneva, Switzerland at a club called LeZoo at Usine. The contract was signed and the advance and flights were paid so everything was go. From checking out the websites and MySpace pages of the promoters ( and other bands performing I knew this event would be a cool one. I’ve performed in Switzerland before in Zurich, Bern and Lausaunne and all those were also quite excellent. The only major hitch was the flight time home was brutal, 8:35AM back to Berlin!

Every show starts for me a full day before I travel. On Thursday I laid out all the equipment and went over my check list. The reason it’s important to do it 24 hours before is if anything is missing that gives me time to buy replacement stuff. In NYC, where I used to live everything is open all the time, but in Berlin (my current address) if I am missing a cable or adapter it’s not always given I will find it too easily. Worse case scenario if I can’t find something at least I can contact the promoter to help me search their city with some warning. I also check the live show in Ableton, make some backup CD-Rs, do laundry and a few other things.

I wake up pretty early everyday. I don’t have blinds on my windows and once the sun is up my cats think it’s time for me to get up too. So even though it would have been smart to somehow sleep late on Friday I was awake around 7:00 AM. The flight to Geneva was at 2:20PM. Normally I take a taxi to Tegel airport for 20 euros but this was a Easyjet flight from Schoenefeld airport and it’s far so I took the U2 to Alexanderplatz then a special S-Bahn train directly to the Airport. It’s all easy and only cost 2.10 euro but you do have to leave a bit earlier. I think I left my house around noon.

Easyjet corrals you into a room to wait to board and that room has less seats in it than any in airplane. This is some evil experiment I am sure. Standing for an hour to board pisses me off even more when I know I’m not going to be sleeping that night.

I’m picked up at the airport by the promoters and taken to the hotel. “How was your flight?” and the usual banter ensues. I’m uber happy to be performing but to be honest I’m totally jaded when it comes to certain things. I really never want to every tell anyone how my flight was ever again. It’s always the same. The airplane goes into the sky and lands. Thats it. It’s amazing for sure but it’s always exactly the same. That’s an ass-y thing to say I know but imagine 20 years of being asked the same question.

It was now 6:00PM and because the venue opened at 9:00PM they asked if I could drop off my clothes and do sound check right away. This was fine with me and off to sound check we went. I met one of the other acts Mimetic. His music was kinda noise mixed with breaks running of a Macbook and Ableton, no vocals. After setting up and testing my audio I had the usual argument with the “visuals” people concerning the fact that when I perform I don’t want any lights or their video playing. I have my own video that plays in sync with the music. Why is that so hard to understand sometimes? My show is only an hour they can spit smiling faces and fractals all over the club for the other 11 hours! Actually the video guys at Usine were great and they did have a cool set up of screens and the imagery they used was a nice mix of live footage from the evening and basic logos.

It was now almost 9:00PM and I wanted to see some of Geneva so a friend of mine who lives there met me and we walked around. Geneva is a wealthy and nice city. Plenty of Ferraris on the streets. It sits on Lake Geneva and the Rhône River runs through the center of the city. It’s surrounded by the snow tipped Alps. The streets were full of people dressed up heading out for the night. I heard a decent mix of French and English being spoken.

After walking for a few hours I realized I better get back to the hotel, shower and get my show clothes on. My show time was 2:00AM so I told them to pick me up at 1:00AM. I don’t like hanging in clubs before the gig. Nothing kills my mood more than standing and screaming over loud music some mundane conversation. Even worse is being backstage with whatever bands have been drinking there since soundcheck.

I always request a four star hotel. The main reason is I need to know for an absolute fact I can get 24 hour room service. Why? Because at 1:00AM I need some dam coffee! Guess what? This hotel’s room service was closed. Down I went to the lobby and although there was a coffee machine in the office they “weren’t serving” any that late. Four stars my ass. I had the instant coffee in my room, with the instant creamer shit and sugar and got myself an instant stomach ache.

Yeah so they pick me and I get to the venue and they tell me everything is delayed a bit. I go on at 3:00AM. Ok so now I have to stand and banter for an hour an a half. Remember I’ve been up, traveling and walking all day. You can see why bands do loads of speed/cocaine right? Although this blog post would be a lot more interesting if I did some lines… I didn’t.

3:00AM and I go on. This is the part I love. I really do enjoy performing live. As soon as the music starts I’m happy screaming my head off and running around. It’s what I do best… my true nature comes out. During the show I trying and attach to the audience as much as possible. I jump and and off the table and stage a bunch of times, sweat a lot, etc… I make sure not to “go through the motions” and really tell the words I am singing. I keep a fresh memory of being 17 and seeing bands like Front 242, Bauhaus and Neubauten live and what that meant to me and what makes a live performance incredible. I also keep in my mind that everyone in that club paid money to see me. It’s my job to make sure they get what they paid for. It’s my job to exceed their expectations. Amazingly videos from the show appeared on Youtube already (they are the ones on this page).

After the show I throw the equipment into the cases and go backstage for about 40 minutes. I get paid and a ride back to the hotel. A few years ago this part would be very different. It would involve all the excesses you could imagine. But to be honest I want to live to see my 80s so this post about this weekend stays PG.

It’s now about 5:00AM and I need to empty the cases and rubber band all the wires, etc… I’d say about 50% of the time I am stopped for a special check at the airport. It’s pretty wack to open your cases up and there is a huge mass of tangled cables.

I’m 38 and before I get a taxi to the airport (remember the flight back is at 8:00AM!) I have to take some Advil (Ibuprofen). Getting old is weird… tired = pain. Of course once at the airport it’s time for another Easyjet boarding area standing room only hell experiment. This time I’ve been awake more than 24 hours… bastards!

By the time I get back to Berlin it’s about noon again. Time to sleep. Imagine I had another show on Saturday night!?