25 Years A Concert for the Masses

25 years ago today Depeche Mode stood in front of 70,000 people and performed their most important concert. This is when music mattered. This is when underground synthesizer music took over. Depeche Mode showed the world that they were no niche. I was in the front row and backstage. I never heard a crowd so loud. I doubt a crowd ever loved a band as much as on that night in California.

“The largest but also the most prestigious concert we’ve ever played as a headline act.” – Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode)

For more info: archives.depechemode.com

The Horrorist Live in Poland Report

So I am just back from a long weekend in Poland. To get there I had the usual trek to JFK and all it’s long term parking and security nonsense, a 2 hour layover in Amsterdam and 4 hour drive from Warsaw to Sopot. By the time I arrived I had just enough time to soundcheck, shave, shower and go back to the venue to perform. Luckily even with 30 hours of nonstop packing and travel behind me once on stage in front of such hyped up kids I felt totally fresh. Sopot is a vacation town on the Baltic Sea. In fact the nightclub which is strangely named Sfinks700 is in a small green park with views of the beach. Kids from the event are free to go in out of the club down to the water. The sound system was really sharp and loud and I tried on a new tall hat and a see through pixelated Mitt Romney mask for the song “The World Will Know Us”. The other DJs including Tymon, Sebastian, Matt Green, PZG and the Warsaw Speedcore Team all were great. The lovely promoter Nicole told me some kids didn’t believe I was going to show up and there were some naysayers saying the event would flop. I am happy to report both were greatly unfounded! I had fun watching kids on a new drug called “Methadrome”. Correct me if I have that name wrong. EDIT: I have been notified it’s called “Mephedrone”. It was described to me as ecstacy that you snort that doesn’t last as long. It has an interesting side effect in that you often loose some recent memory. Scary and fun? All I know is people looked like that were having a great time. I met some very cool people there and now can add Poland to one of those places I want to return to. This kicks off a series of summer live shows and DJ sets I am doing. Next up is NYC, Newcastle and Dortmund. Oh there is going to be many more photos from this event and I will add them to my flickr account and Facebook profile as I get them!

“Oliver is already on the plane home, so my job is over and i can finally say I never expected that so many people would come out to this event that it would be almost too many! We have proven that hard work and commitment we can achieve something that long has been considered impossible.” – Nicole Gier

For more info: facebook.com/events/426751694069443

Spain Video

My friend Nina sent me some video footage of my live show last November in Spain. I really need to start bringing my Zoom recorder and at least 3 video cameras to each show to proper record these. What you can’t see here is my video “wall” or how far back the club was packed with lunatic kids. I really do have a lot of fun.

“The Spain show was really crazy. Those kids really know how to party! All I can say is their event went to 5PM the next afternoon. I left my jacket in the DJ booth and went back and enjoyed walking through the parking lot full of cars and vans with kids doing all sorts of subersive activities.”

For more info: wiretotheear.com/2012/11/12/photos-from-france-and-spain

The Horrorist live in Aachen Report

I’m finally back from my weekend in Aachen, Germany. A weekend which consisted of 6 trains, 4 flights, 7 hours of layovers and NYC traffic. It was the evening in between it all that made it worth it. Let’s jump back about 6 months. I was performing in Berlin at a very cool event and somewhere towards the end of my set I feel something in my ear. When I play live I’m actually not consciously thinking so much. I am on some sort of automatic haze with lyrics flying out of me and my arms and legs just doing what they do. When I felt something in my ear I noticed it but just kept on going. I mean it was only for a few seconds and after the violation stopped I could still hear so I kept on playing. After the show near the bar a giant punk rock type of guy comes up to me and starts up a conversation. I had a lot of trouble understanding what he was staying and he was aggressively holding me close to him. Soon I realized it wasn’t that he wasn’t speaking english he just wasn’t making too much sense. Then I picked out a few words… “acid” “sorry” “finger” “during” “show” “ear” “sorry”. I stopped him at that point and said loudly it’s ok let’s have a drink. While kind of disgusting the situation was pretty funny because I mean who the hell does something like that and then tells you he did it? Later that night or I guess morning he comes over again. He’s far more coherent now and tells me his name is Michael and he wants to book me in Aachen. I brush it aside thinking he’s not serious. Fast forward a few months and he finds me on Facebook and shows me some of the other bands he wants to book along side of me. They were all so interesting I was in. I love to play live. I really love to play live along other interesting band like acts. The other bands were all synthpunkish and weird so right up my alley. It’s all set up for October. Hurricane Sandy hits NYC all flights are cancelled and I miss the show. My day job had me very busy the end of last year so I set a new date for January 19 knowing it would be cool to spend my Birthday (the 20th) and the release of my next album in Germany.

The club was packed. It’s always important but I really didn’t want to play and half full space on my 43rd birthday right? When I walked in Sid (Knothole) was performing. His live show is amazing. Check out the video I took of him above. He’s got Eurorack modules, fluorescent light tubes, does vocals and sets up in the middle of the dance floor. To top it off the music is good. I got to spend some time with him after the show and well let’s just say he’s pretty out there. I felt in good company. So I take the stage, play new songs and absolutely enjoy myself. I did a few encore tracks and as I’m ending they take my mic the club gets quiet and Michael says some stuff in German and then I hear an acapella… “Happy Birthday to you… Happy birthday to you…” the club chimes in. So yeah the music stops and the club, mostly everyone in there sings me happy birthday. What can a guy say to that? Michael you can stick your finger in my ear anytime you want. Thanks for a night I will never forget and thanks for singing to me! To see the full set of photos: click here

“ERWISCHT! Zu Gast aus New York war nämlich Oliver Chesler, der Mann, der auch unter dem Pseudonym The Horrorist bekannt ist. Da er aus der Hardcore-Techno-Nische kommt, erinnern seine Tracks zwar immer noch stark an Produktionen dieser Art, doch sind sie Songs alltagstauglicher geworden. One Night in NYC ist eines seiner bekanntesten Stücke und führte im Jahr 1996 die deutschen Dance Charts an. Mit dabei war der Kollege David Heyer.” – klenkes.de

For more info: thehorrorist.com and facebook.com/michael.hilgers.77

photos credit: David Heyer

DODT Aachen

I will be performing live tomorrow night (Saturday, January 19) in Aachen, Germany at Autonomes Zentrum on Vereinsstr. 25. I will be celebrating the release of Fire Funmania, my 43rd birthday and checking out some of the other bands. Those bands include Knothole, Walls & Birds, Cyklop 2019, Vomit Heat (Dj Set) and Big Dada P. I met the promoter Michael Hilgers when I performed in Berlin last summer. He’s an interesting person and most importantly has a good eclectic music taste. I will try and make some posts while I am gone!

“This Is Going To Be Legendary! Ohhh Yeah! It S A Birthday Party!” – Michael Hilgers

For more info: facebook.com/events/320977971348751

Rotterdam this Weekend

I will be performing a live show (The Horrorist) this Saturday night in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The event called Herr Zimmerman is quite notorious. Each event is well somewhat S&M themed and from what I hear no one leaves, early or without accepting or inflicting some amount of pain. I have several new songs to perform and a nifty black patent leather 1987ish Michael Jackson jacket to wear. If you’re there please come and say hello!

“MISTER ONE NIGHT IN NEW YORK CITY – THE HORRORIST, ist coming to EUROPE! Saturday 29 december is the last Saturday & weekend of 2012! The perfect night for an incredible and crazy 2012 Closing Party in Rotterdam, Factory 010! Muzik: TanzMan, The Horrorist, Fraulein Z & More!” – Herr Zimmerman

For more info: facebook.com/events/499910626710618

France and Spain this Weekend

I will be performing in two of the nicest European cities this weekend Bordeaux and San Sebastian. Because of Hurricane Sandy I missed my show in Aachen on Wednesday but after some long waits on the phone I was able to rebook and fly out today to catch the weekend events! I will be playing some new material and I have a spiffy new insane outfit. I can’t wait to get on stage. I have a global MiFI so I think I will be able to post more than I usually do when I am abroad. If you want to keep up with my up to the minute nonsense be sure to follow my Twitter.

“Producteur New-Yorkais connu pour son style déviant et sans concession, c’est un véritable showman en live! Il est le créateur du label Things To Come Records et il aime se faire remixer par les fers de lance de l’electro musclée à la française comme The Hacker, David Carretta, Millimetric… et bien sûr… Stamba qui l’a remixé par deux fois et a sorti un maxi ou c’est le malsain Oliver qui s’est donné à l’exercice du remix ! Pour les accompagner dans cette descente aux enfers, 14anger : il allie la discipline steroidée de l’EBM et la folie extasiée de la rave en un mélange electro-techno qui avale l’énergie du dancefloor et la recrache en grandes giclées de sérotonine. La fin du monde en 2012 ? C’est le vendredi 2 novembre au Respublica!”

Bordeaux show info: facebook.com/events/275977152523937/
San Sebastian show info: facebook.com/events/270847583017826/

Ground Zero 2012 Show Report

Here’s some photos from my live performance (The Horrorist) at the Ground Zero Festival 2012. It took place in Bussloo, The Netherlands. It was a huge event with 5 stages and about 40 DJs and live acts. All the music was hard, hardcore, hardsomething techno. Like most people I can’t differentiate between the small music sub-genres but let’s just say it was an agressive night of music. Beyond the stages and many thousands of wasted youth there was large carnival rides, pyrotechnics and anything else you can imagine. I made some good new friends such as Mark Eg & Chrissi, Ms. Sprinkles and saw old ones such has Dano Leeflang, Lenny Dee, Delta 9, Dave Cik, Maxime Fight, Tymon, Laurent Ho, Manu Le Malin, Sacha Blank and Rene Schuster. I was on an “early rave” stage but of course I couldn’t resist playing a lot of new techno material. If you follow my Twitter or Instagram you will have seen the cool new Thermen Busslo hotel they put us up in. It was certainly a pleasant stay and I got a chance to see a bunch of old naked people at the spa. Time does funny things to a body. To see the full set of photos: click here.

“On behalf of the organizations UDC and Multi Groove, we want to thank everyone for visiting Ground Zero Festival 2012! It was a great success and we are pleased with the positive responses. We hope you all again next year for the party!” – groundzerofestival.nl

For more info: groundzerofestival.nl and thehorrorist.com

Ground Zero – The Netherlands

This Saturday night I will be performing at a large techno festival in The Netherlands called Ground Zero. The event takes place in Bussloo which is about an hour and fifteen minutes from Amsterdam. There are 6 stages and about 50 DJs or live acts. It’s all “hardcore techno” of some type. There’s going to a large number of people there. To get an idea of what this will be like take a look at some of the photos of my live at Ground Zero 2008: flickr.com/grz08. If you do make it out to see my show try and say hello!

“Ground Zero 2012 is now more than ever before going to be a festival for the real hard-dance junkies, with a massive underground line-up, representing known and unknown artists from Holland and way abroad like no other festival does! Deep in the dark and mysterious woods of Bussloo, with all of its legends, Ground Zero 2012 is going to be a unique festival that will squeeze the living hell out of the night, all the way until a breathtaking morning sun merges above the lake to announce a brand new day!” – groundzerofestival.nl

For more info: groundzerofestival.nl/2012

Photos from The Horrorist Live in Scotland 2012

Here’s a set of photos from my live show last month in Scotland. The event was in a town near Edinburgh called Rosyth. It was for an old friend David Booney at a properly sick named party Nosebleed. As you can see you don’t really come to my show if your looking for a calming experience. Even if you don’t like the music I will give you a show though. Besides the new outfits I played quite a lot of new songs. I even played some slow stuff at this full hardcore event. As long as you engage with the audience and let them have enough of what they want you can get away with stuff like that. DJ Smurf and Loftgroover also did there thing (both fun and interesting people). Booney had a long afterparty at his house and I made some new friends for sure. See that photo of a truck? That was my ride to the airport (thanks again Billy!). To see the full set on flickr: click here

For more info: thehorrorist.com and facebook.com/thehorrorist