Live in Linz, Austria

Independance Flyer

I am performing live this weekend in Linz, Austria. The event is called Independance and the other main headliner is Pet Duo from Brazil. It will be a mostly hard techno night but I will play a few slow weird songs to freak people out some. Since they put me in an Ibis Hotel I am sure I won’t have internet access. My contract states 4 stars and above only but rarely does an Ibis fit that bill. The rooms are usually one large piece of molded plastic. You shower and the entire bathroom gets wet. It’s slightly futuristic but in a really cheap way. Another feature of the Ibis chain is a bunch of heavy smoking/beer drinking groups of 30-50 year old men hanging in the lobby which yes doubles as the bar. You can check in/out and order a beer from the same person. The groups of dudes all wear the same shirts although I don’t think it has anything to do with sports. It’s more like some weekend group escape thing they do. Any Europeans can chime in and let me know why I always see this weird phenomenon. This show should be a little different because my friend Gabri (who records under the name Richter) will be on stage with me. He’s an incredible keyboard player and I’ve loaded him up with samples. The event is in the Cembrankeller which is a giant wooden wine cellar. I’ve played there before (photos: here) and it sounds quiet good.

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