The Analogue Solutions Leipzig is a Moogish clone that sounds more like an original Mini than a Voyager. It’s the synth to buy if you want a vintage synth new. I played with one at Schneider’s Beuro in Berlin and it does sound quite good. The “R” version you see above has been discontinued and a new “S” class is coming out soon. The new S has an 8 step sequencer, 2 full ADSRs and MIDI sync. Looks like it will be a tasty EBM machine.

“Leipzig-r (rack version) is now discontinued, but in about 2 months will have a new version called Leipzig-s.” – midician.be

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Analogue Solutions

Here we have an Analogue Solutions Oberkorn sequencer getting down with a Telemark SEM clone and Leipzig monosynth. I like the Analogue Solutions stuff because it sounds aged out of the box. Most new analog gear sticks on perfect pitch missing the point.

“CVM module. Sequencer is an analogue Oberkorn. Playing two MIDI synths; Telemark (making the crazy sound) and Leipzig-r (warm synth sound). Oberkorn is also controlling velocity (in turn changing the filter cut-off). Joystick just adding a little transpose. Also here you can glimpse my white Red Square.” – ASUKLTD

For more info: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~concuss/

What color would you like your new Leipzig-k?

Do you remember this post about the new Leipzig rack mount synthesizer from Analog Solutions? Well first off that synth is now shipping and some tasty audio samples are online including this one:

According to the Analog Solutions website there will be a keyboard version coming soon. If you prepay you can choose your own limited edition color. I’ll take mine in white and pink with blue leds.

LEIPZIG-k … coming soon. Keyboard Leipzig with extra functions, like 2nd LFO, LCD editing (of MIDI setup), CV/Gate/CV2 inputs & outputs on rear panel, and more! (Above) is first prototype metalwork, the wooden side panels are missing! Production model will be BLACK, but if you prepay you I might give you a choice of limited edition coloured editions! Contact me if you are interested. Expect the price to be around £799 exc. VAT and delivery. – www.analoguesolutions.com

I am beginning to wonder if there are now more new hardware synths being manufactured new than ever before. Of course I want them all.

A new synth is born. Analogue Solutions Leipzig.

Analogue Solutions Leipzig

Analogue Solutions is a wonderful UK company who creates new analog synthesizers. If your not aware of what they offer head directly to their website and check out some of their cool toys. This week they released a new rack mount monophonic synth called Leipzig.

  • Pure analogue voice circuitry.
  • Fat Moog style filter.
  • 2 VCOs with Glide and Sub-VCOs.
  • Plenty of modulation routing possibilities.
  • Extra tone controls and circuits for more sound variety e.g. LFO, CrossMod.
  • Rugged steel construction and ‘vintage’ wood design.
  • MIDI In for software sequencer control

It’s in stock and ready to ship for £549 +vat & shipping.

For more info click to: www.analoguesolutions.com

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