Konkreet Performer

KONKREET PERFORMER is here! from Konkreet Labs on Vimeo.

say Hello to KONKREET PERFORMER from Konkreet Labs on Vimeo.

For the most part up until today I really didn’t care too much about making a synced, controlled connection between my iPad and computer. Konkreet Performer has changed that. I’ve always been a fan of having multiple on screen knobs attached to one physical controller. How about all your on screen knobs attached to wild visual touchable animating iPad controls? Please let me know if you have tried this out and what you think of it. The App is available in the iTunes Store now for $25: click here. I’m going to wait until the weekend then it’s on.

“PERFORMER is an OSC music control and performance instrument. It’s a controller that utilises multitouch technology to the full; instead with faders and knobs, an intuitive, remote operation of software instruments on your computer, all made through manipulating an abstract objects on your device! Reconnect to your software instruments, your DAW, your sound. PERFORMER is here to inspire you. In the studio and on the stage!” – For more info: konkreetlabs.com

For more info: konkreetlabs.com