Kline Coma Xero

Here is some new cold wave, synthpop created in California with Eurorack modules and analog drum machines. Kline Coma Xero is Tony Williams. I think the song Fanatic is my favorite so far. I’m definitely looking forward to more.

“Kline Coma Xero is a minimal wave/synth project produced by Tony Williams from California. The distinctive sound of Kline Coma Xero is produced solely from analogue instruments, producing a cold yet beautifully crafted melodies and rhythms. Such inspiration could only be found in the early European minimal wave/synth groups from the 1980’s. The project gained inception in June of 2012 and offer…s an alternative to the arbitrary use of the laptop as an instrument which has become indicative of modern electronic music. The minimal melodies are layered with melancholy vocals with lyrical content and philosophical outlook inspired from the authors like JG Ballard and Thomas Pynchon.” – SoundIndieMusic

For more info: facebook.com/klinecomaxero and soundcloud.com/kline…