Vermona Lancet

The East Germans known as have some new hardware on the horizon. First a synthesizer called the Mono Lancet: 2x VCO (triangle, sawtooth, square / sawtooth, rectangle, noise), 24dB lowpass filter, ADSR, envelope generator (VCF, VCA, VCO), LFO (triangle, square, s/h), MIDI for 449 EURO. Next, the Kick Lancet based on the KICK channel of the DRM1 MKIII Waveshaper (sine -> square), FM, trigger inputs (switch, audio, gate), MIDI for 265 EURO. Doepfer Dark Energy and DSI Mopho you have some new friends.

“The Lancets approach for landing and finally will arrive internationally in August/September 2010.” –

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Vengeance Metrum Kick Drum Plug-in

Here’s a plug-in from German developer Vengeance called Metrum. It’s for Mac/PC, costs $200 and gives you a computer generated sub-oscillator, mixes it with a few sample layers and has a mod-matrix and randomizer solely for creating kick drums. For those all ITB (in the box) it could be good however I think your money is better spent on a Jomox MBase 11.

“Kick Synthesizer VSTi / over 330 Kick Drum Presets / over 1800 Attack Sample Presets / over 150 Sine Oscillator Presets / ability to integrate own WAV samples / realtime & smooth graphic envelopes / flexible pitch & velocity routings / play tonal kicks! / huge mod matrix with every parameter / every presets comes with assigned modwheel and 3 GUI controls / GUI control knobs freely re-nameable / 6 high quality effects built in / 2 filters for every layer / 3 drive distortion models / 2 band parametric EQ / randomizer function / all parameters automatable / output limiter (you can turn it off if wanted) / 100% timing accurate and click free.” –

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Cords in the Kicks

Another Tool for the Box – Cords in the Kicks from lovecapacitor on Vimeo.

Here’s an interesting tutorial on how to specifically tune two Operator Oscillators to specific frequencies to make a deeper kick drum.

“73.4 HZ is the note D… 49 Hz is G1” – lovecapacitor

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