Music Toys found in The Bronx

A few weeks ago The New York Times had an article on The Bronx neighborhood Kingsbridge. Sometimes I ride my bike through Kingsbridge on my way to Inwood Park. Recently I stopped in the thrift store the article mentioned and played with some old music toys. If you can’t see the flash slideshow above: click here

“3 P.M. Dive in at Unique Thrift Store, 218 West 234th Street, (718) 548-1190. Forget the secondhand shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn, where hipsters and bargain hunters have already snapped up the good stuff. Here you can take your time combing through the Hawaiian shirts, vintage blouses and snow parkas. Recently spotted gems include a corduroy suit for $9.99, a giant feather-bedecked floppy hat, and a book about high-stakes gambling called “The Man With the $100,000 Breasts.” – The New York Times

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