What is the iWatch?

Every major tech company seems to be making a watch. I’ve never worn a watch and since I have a smart phone don’t need one to tell time. Initially when I heard Apple maybe making one I thought it was a really stupid idea. I rarely use notification center and the last thing I want is little updates on my wrist. From a music tech blog angle I guess it would be cool to have an audio recorder on my wrist but I wouldn’t buy an iWatch just for that. Then I got thinking and I’m going to speculate what this watch actually will be. We know Apple bought a fingerprint authorization company. You put your finger on a device and it becomes unlocked. My guess is the iWatch will be a digital wallet. A payment device. Pulling a smart phone or leather wallet out of your back pocket could be considered a pain. With the iWatch you touch it with your finger and you pay. It will also be linked to tickets and such via the Passbook app. There you have my guess. Tell me in the fall if I am correct.

“Apple has been on something of a world tour securing trademarks for its anticipated “iWatch.” After first seeking trademarks in Russia and Jamaica back in June, and more recently filing for the “iWatch” name in Japan, Apple has applied for the same trademark in Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey.” – mashable.com

For more info: apple.com