iStockaudio to launch. Buy and sell audio clips.

I really find iStockphoto to be a terrific site for finding photos, graphic elements and videos to use in commercial projects. Do you remember my post, “Use for album covers and more.“? iStock is about to launch iStockaudio.

For years now, iStock has changed how the world looks. It’s time to change how it sounds. Welcome to iStockaudio. Starting a little later on today, we will begin accepting submissions from musicians, composers, recording engineers and audio artists. We want music, spoken word tracks, sound effects, ambient loops, wild noises, field recordings – we want it all. –

If you want to become a content producer for iStock and sell audio by earning a royalty on clips sold, now is the perfect time to sign up. To become a contributor you have to pass an evaluation. It’s a simple “test”; you just send in 3 samples of your work. For more details and some very important info if you have a publishing deal: click here

Download the offical press release PDF “iStockphoto Seeks Submissions for New Microstock Audio Offering”: click here