We are moving wonderfully fast

I’m not posting this video to make fun of Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel on The Today Show. I’m thrilled to be reminded how fast we are moving technologically. The internet is the greatest invention in my life and probably one of the greatest things man will ever invent. Humans can instantly share everything with everyone. I am guessing in my lifetime an entire wall in my home could be a super realistic high definition 3D display showing any other room in the world who would like me to see them. It will be almost a transporter. Maybe musicians can play live to stadiums from there living rooms or garages? I was online almost a decade before this video above. I would log on at 300 baud to local BBS’s. I remember I used a service in Rockland County called Mnematics Videotext and the original CompuServe.

“hey’re not even saying “What is THE internet?”… they’re just saying “What is internet?” which is even funnier.” – Jessi

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Technical Difficulties inside and out.

Help - photo

Sometimes good intentions just don’t cut it. Each night before I go to sleep I load a certain webpage up called todoist. I use it for what’s it’s intended for a “to do list”. I have sub-sections created like “Things to Come” for my record label todo’s, Live Show, Music, Website, Personal, etc… I check though all the things I want to do the next day and tag them with a +1 which means due tomorrow.

Today I woke up and started on my list. Most of the things I really needed to get done had to deal with uploading things to my server. The next release on my label TTC-015/Ionic Vision with remixes by David Carretta, Millimetric, Stamba and myself needed to be uploaded to Neuton Distribution. This was priority number one as things were delayed a few times over the past months.

For some reason I could not connect to the server using my FTP client called Transmit from Panic Software. The Things to Come Records website was up and I was getting email so I knew that the entire site wasn’t down. I decided to not stress and just put the files on the wire to the ear server. Guess what? No luck! Same problem! I use the same host for both websites so it was tech support time. It’s always fun to wait twenty minutes on hold when calling from Germany to the USA. When I finally got through they told me it was a corrupted file and in thirty minutes everything would be working again. If this were the end then that would be ok but my friends this story isn’t over. Thirty later I try again and still the same problem. Thirty more minutes on hold and I am told everything is good on their end and I should not be having an issue. I call my friend Matt and ask him if he can log-in to my server. He logs in without a problem which means something has gone wrong on my laptop.

I was using my fairly new Macbook Pro with Leopard and I knew there was a recent Software Update. This must be the issue right? I load up the old 12″ 867Mhz Powerbook running Tiger and to my surprise the same issue! Next I check Julie’s computer and again… same issue. All three computers at the office are unable to log-in. So it must be a router issue. Surely when I get to the music studio I will be able to log into the server. I eat LUNCH then head over.

So I’m at the studio ready to upload these files and get some other stuff done. Computer on. Oh crap. Same problem! Now I’m really confused. How could this be? How could I be on a totally different machine, different location and still not be able to log-in when several other people are able to? By now I’m a professional network administer and checked Firewall Settings, Passive/Active Modes, Router Configurations, my .Mac stuff, Keychains and I still can’t get things to work.

So the day is over, nothing has been solved, no work has been done. Ho hum.

Update: I took my laptop to a neighbor’s apartment and to my surprise I was able to FTP. Does this mean my ISP is at fault? Or are my settings automatically changing when I am at a new network location? Unfortunately Germany is now closed down for the holidays for at least a few days so getting someone here to help won’t be easy.

photo credit: LiminalMike