impOSCar 2 and controller

The Gforce Software impOSCar software synthesizer has been updated to version 2. Some of the new stuff includes a Ring Modulator, New Filter Types with Drive, Chord Memory and more. Far more interesting (to me anyway) is the insane hardware controller for it from Touch Digital Controllers. Just look at that image above! It’s over 1k so you have to ask yourself if you would rather have a real analog synth.

“101 control inputs comprising; 83 knobs, 7 led lit buttons, 2 punch in/out switches and 9 momentary buttons with 9 linked led, midi in/out led, MIDI-in and 128 channel simultaneous USB and MIDI out processor. The 101 panel controls are all voltage controlled components so give the player the highest possible resolution into the digital domain. Beautiful custom made aluminium knobs – old school vibe!” –

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