Sunday Sounds: Electronic Body Music

In keeping with a new tradition on Wire to the Ear called “Sunday Sounds” where I post a music playlist each week here’s the next installment: Electronic Body Music. This is my personal favorite music genre. EBM is creative, powerful and mostly electronic music. You can find some sophisticated song arrangements and vocals in a lot of EBM. The genre almost disappeared in the early 90s but it’s back with new blood.  Even the old guys are back on the show circuit.

I created this playlist using Imeem. You can find me there at

Are you an EBM fan?

Why imeem is great. Crazy weird playlists!

Yes my friends, above is a playlist I found on imeem. It was posted by Attchort and it’s titled, “USSR 1980-1990’s”. I can see why imeem is so popular now! The past nights I’ve been spending more and more time there and I found a serious amount of great music.

I set up my own artist profile so if your signed up there feel free to friend me: I’m still setting up my profile so it’s sparse at the moment.

So what about your own music on imeem? Well if your a known independent artist chances are you will find some of your music on imeem in violation of your copyright. Fans have most likely have uploaded entire songs of yours. Don’t get upset as this is just a good sign people like you. So what to do? Imeem suggests register at imeem then head over to Snocap (who they now own), sign up there and register all your songs. Once all your music is registered at Snocap you can choose where Snocap allows your music to be sold. When I say “sold” in reference to imeem I mean paid a share of imeem’s ad revenue each time the full song has been streamed. I read the Snocap Terms of Service and it’s non-exclusive.

As a registed artist with SNOCAP, you can control which songs you want to be streamed at full-length to everyone on imeem. imeem uses a filtering technology to check whether you have permited full streaming for these songs. If you did not register your songs in SNOCAP, your song could be claimed by another artist/label or misidentified.

In our efforts to bring artists and labels access to new and innovative ways to promote, control, and earn more from their music, SNOCAP has partnered with imeem. Artists and labels who stream their music on imeem will earn income by sharing some of imeem’s advertising revenue.

The SNOCAP technology will automatically identify tracks uploaded by our users and determine if the artist/label of the song permitted the full stream.-

I would like some feedback if anyone is signed up with Snocap and/or is using imeem. I know Snocap has had a bad reputation in the past. I wonder if I am missing something in the TOS. I have yet to sign up myself and am looking for a bit more info. What do you think?

Which music related social networks do you use?

I’m curious if you keep and maintain public profiles for your music on social networks other than MySpace. Imeem? Bebo, Fairlitzer? What about Pandora or The Hype Machine? Do you upload your full songs so services can stream them without compensation? Is it worth the promotion to you?

I bring it up because yesterday I got pretty frustrated using the new Once accepted as a label you get access to a part of the site called the Music Manager. You can upload and manage your tracks there. After I uploaded a new release I added in the album cover. The album art showed up in the Music Manager. However, it never show up in the general public area on I tried about 10 times, re-uploading the same album cover. Eventually I hit the help forums. Sure enough this is a known problem. How could image uploading be broken for more than two weeks? How could they not disable the uploader or put a note on the page so I didn’t waste forty minutes on this crap?

Another other thing I really don’t like about is that you don’t have any comment control on your own artist pages. People can log on and rail you and it’s there forever. They could at least implement a comment voting system so nasty comments get greyed out using Ajax or something.

What finally ended my session yesterday on was the events section. I wanted to add in a few upcoming live shows I have. I head to: because that’s where the shows for The Horrorist are listed. I search for a button that says “Add Event”. Nothing! Nada! After twenty minutes of searching I find the only place to add a new event is if I go to How frustrating.

Maintaining a your image and uploading fresh content on every site is impossible. Which sites deserve attention? I will always keep my own website on my own server but clearly the hearts, minds and ears are in lots of places. Do you simply cover the sites which have the most users? No matter how lame they are?

If you go to you can enter in the a few sites and see a comparison of how many users each site has over a time period (thanks Vergel for the tip). You maybe surprised that for example Imeem has so many users. MySpace still trumps them all by far though.

As more sites start to pay royalties for streaming and incorparate there own download stores the lines between iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and the social network sites will become blurred.

Is your head starting to hurt too?