I Love Ikea

Everyone knows I love Ikea. Pretty much everything in my apartment is Ikea. My studio has a great Broder system for my synths. I adore this promotion video they put out last week. In the video they use EXPEDIT, STOLMEN, KVISSLE, FÖRHÖJA and more. Also spotted in this video is an Atari ST and a black cat. They are getting me from every angle here.

“Look at how we helped Harry organise his passion for more than 4500 records and make room for his family life. If you could do with some help storing your things, maybe some of the solutions we used for Harry might help you too.” – Ikea

My Ikea photos: flickr.com/search/?w=14630887@N03&q=ikea


Every musician over the age of 35 has an Ikea Expedit bookcase full of records, wires and operation manuals. Mykea is a site that offers products to help you customize Ikea furniture. I think their Amplifiers collection will do the trick.

“We are a small creative company that one day came up with a Big Idea! To customize Ikea furniture with amazing designs. Hence, our slogan: say NO to NAKED Furniture.” – thisismykea.com

For more info: thisismykea.com

Studio Requirement: Ikea Signum


We have wireless MIDI with products such as the Kenton MIDIStream. An assistant professor at MIT seems to be on the verge of bringing wireless electricity to to world. You can read about Marin Soljacic and his work here: www.fastcompany.com/magazine/132/brilliant.html But let’s live in the today where if you have a recording studio you have miles of wires strangling you like an evil spider’s web. There is a $10 piece of metal from Ikea that can make your studio beautiful again and it’s called Sigmun.

Ikea Sigmun

“Collects your electric and computer cables together; makes it easier to keep your work area tidy. Separate trunking for cables that are sensitive to interference.” – Ikea

I don’t have a desk in my studio (or home) without one or two Sigmun’s attached underneath them. Power strips and power bricks all nest happily out of eye sight. Besides making pretty you will have less dust bunnies clinging to rivers of wires. Let’s also not forget that without wires all over the floor the less tripping and ripping sockets out of gear will happen.

For more info: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/50035115

Ikea hacker. Build a nice headphone stand.

I was watching this weeks episode of Tekzilla and their “website of the week” is Ikea Hacker. I admit I am a bit of an Ikea junkie and i’ve been to the Ikea Hacker site before. Today I clicked over today to see what crazy things people are creating and I came across Wiretap’s (a user name) headphone stand.

I just built a headphone stand out of miscellaneous Ikea parts.. lol. It’s so solid you could probably kill someone with it. Everything is that stainless steel stuff. It all cost me about $15 to $20 max to build. (some of the stuff I found in the ‘returned items and clearance’ section). – hardforum.com

I use something similar to K&M’s 18957 headphone holder which is basically just a hook. However, the one I have clips onto my mic stand.

Does anyone know if wireless headphones lived up to their expectations? It would be nice to get rid of the headphone wire in particular. Remember that in any place your going to be sitting for eight hours ergonomics is important. A $5 hook can save you from a little pain.

For more photos and info on how to build of Wiretap’s Ikea headphone stand head to Ikea Hacker:
click here

Wiretap’s original post on hardforum.com: click here