Hearing for the very first time

What a wonderful video this is. It shows the incredible power of modern science. It shows the deep value of sound. Take care of your ears and listen to amazing things.

“I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it on and me hearing myself for the first time :) Edit: For those of you who have asked the implant I received was Esteem offered by Envoy Medical.” – sloanchurman

For more info: envoymedical.com

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Huh what? Audiometry iPhone app to test hearing.

AudiometryWhen I was younger I would blast headphones into my ears for hours on end. Nothing could stop me from drowning anything that had to do with the real world. These days I make sure the volume never goes past eight. When I perform my ear holes are fresh to the wind but for the rest of my time in any venue I have Etymotic ER20BP earplugs securely in place. That said I recommend that any musician get a proper hearing test at least once in his/her life. Besides knowing how deaf you maybe, dramatic hearing loss could be the sign of other real diseases.

I always say my secret to my own mixing is that my ears are so dulled out with hearing loss that when something sounds good to me it must sound really good to everyone else. I’m sure that’s b.s. but I’m sticking to my story. If you don’t want to head to the doctor for a proper test yet you could try out a new iPhone app called Audiometry (iTunes link).

“An effective hearing test that measures your threshold of hearing for sounds of different frequencies. Find out just how far your ears can hear ranging frequencies. Most of the people should be able to hear up to around 15kHz. From around 17kHz upwards, we get into a range that only the under 20s can hear.” – igoapps.com

For more info: www.bna.co.il

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What did you say? Alpine Musicsafe Pro Earplugs.

Alpine Musicsafe Earplugs

In about two weeks I start a string of live performances. Every weekend for a few months I will be in nightclubs or concert venues. I usually have to spend a long amount of time each night in the club and often near very loud speakers. I love the music and need to talk to people so I usually don’t wear earplugs.

I used to go to Sam Ash in NYC where they have a bin of free disposable earplugs you can Alpine Musicsafe Earplug Packagegrab from when you leave the store. But they were some sort of foam meets Play-Doh and completely muffled everything I heard.

Tinnitus can be a serious aliment and from everything I “hear” there is no reversing hearing damage. In fact, Pete Townsend said the only prescription for Tinnitus are anti-depressants! Yikes! I don’t have Tinnitus but certainly some high end bothers me. I also prefer eating in uncrowded restaurants. Surely these are signs I need to start protecting my ears.

These facts led me on a search for comfortable hearing protection. What I found was not only a comfy earplug but an earplug that lets some specific audio to enter the canal. This is great because it allows you to hear the music and conversations but blocks out the loudness.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro is supplied with three different exchangeable acoustic filter sets, that lower sound levels and prevent the user from excessive exposure, whilst keeping the frequency response of the music the same. The white filters offer the lowest level of attenuation i.e. for pubs, bars etc, the silver filters offer a medium attenuation i.e. for Live gigs, Musicians and Clubbers and the gold filters offer a high attenuation i.e. DJs. The filters are totally dependant on your listening enviroment select the filter you need to use carefully to ensure you get the right protection. – enhancedlistening.co.uk

Every now and then I will see someone in a club with toilet paper stuffed in their ears. I think these are a better choice.