polychord music app for iPad from gregory Wieber on Vimeo.

The new iPad App Polychord is best described as a mix between Audanika’s SoundPrism, Cognitone’s Harmony Navigator and a vintage Hammond Auto-Vari 64. The App pushes you toward only playing parts that sound right together so anyone can pick it up and sound like a real musician. I don’t mean to diminish the App’s usefulness as a real tool because it’s inspiring me left and right. There is a nice selection of drum patterns and you can control the tempo. There is also an arpeggiator which you can nicely fade in and out of it’s own sound (it will make sense when you try it). If they get this App working with Midi/external sounds it’s going to be drop dead essential. In the meantime your results will be thesixtyone indie or like the awesome wedding song in Napoleon Dynamite.

I’m having great fun making pretty music with Polychord. It’s $9.99 and available now (App Store link): click here

“Polychord is drums, bass, chords, and accompaniment all wrapped into one. Simply press one of the chord circles and your on your way to writing a song. Drums and bass follow the chords automatically, but the coolest part is probably the strum keys on the right: simply swipe your finger over the yellow keys to strum a chord.” – polychordapp.com

For more info: polychordapp.com