Haken Continuum


A customer of Schneiders Beuro in Berlin demos his wonderful Haken Continuum. I’ve played one of these before and it feels and sounds terrific. I really want one of these but at $5290 it’s not in the cards at least this year. If your looking for something in the same thought arena check out the Eowave Persephone: click here. Be sure to check out video 2 at around 56 seconds in!

“Designed by Dr. Lippold Haken and manufactured by Haken Audio, the Continuum Fingerboard is a Midi performance controller that allows unprecedented realtime musical control. With a greater pitch range than a traditional 88 note Midi keyboard, the Continuum offers realtime continuous control in three directions for every finger that is placed on the playing surface. Included internally is a custom designed synthesizer, specifically programmed to take advantage of the subtle and dramatic expressive musical possibilities of the Continuum. The Continuum is available in full-size (nearly 8 octaves) and half-size (nearly 4 octaves) versions.” – hakenaudio.com

For more info: hakenaudio.com