Peter Last Depeche Mode Covers

Peter Last from Sidney, Australia has a YouTube channel full of his guitar musings. One of his many playlists is Depeche Mode covers. It’s clear Peter loves Depeche Mode and is also a great musician himself. He sings sweetly and often slightly changes the originals to suit his own style. I think these are wonderful.

“Hi everyone. This channel is just me mucking around with my guitar playing a few tunes. I know my singing isn’t the best, and I’m trying hard to improve, but hey – I’m having fun anyway.” – Peter Last

The full playlist is here:…

Air Guitar Move

If this was Air Keytar maybe they would have had my sale.

“Nintendo Wii proved that moving is more fun than pressing buttons, Air Guitar Move proves that moving is more fun than tapping and shaking your iPhone. Here’s how it works: Hold the iPhone in one hand like a guitar neck, strum the Ultimate Guitar Pick in the air with your other hand and, yes, you’re now playing air guitar.” –

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NES Guitar

Perth Australian band The Gizzards get on television rocking a NES Guitar and other bent toys. Their facebook page stats the bands influences are, “Sheds, pools, cats and casios.”. I was wondering if they would make a worthy blog post then I saw his cape: posted!

“The Gizzards performed on WTV’s FNL (Friday Night Live) show.” – ohmissjane

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Les Paul the Electric Guitar Man

Les Paul, the inventor of the electric guitar and 8-track died this week.

“Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009) was a musician and innovator, famous for being a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which “made the sound of rock and roll possible.” He is credited with many recording innovations, including overdubbing (also known as sound on sound), delay effects such as tape delay, phasing effects, and multitrack recording.” –

For more info visit his official website:

Star Guitar is a useful idea generator.

Star Guitar is a guitar chord playing app for the iPhone. It’s from Amido, Inc who already brought us As you can see from the video you simply click around the iPhone’s screen and Star Guitar will strum chords. You have 144 chords to choose from. Here’s the kicker…  Star Guitar records your chord selections and your voice as you sing along. Think about that for a minute. Ok done? Now go buy Star Guitar, grab some headphones and go into your car. Drive to some empty parking lot. Load up Star Guitar hit record and sing along while you pick some chords. Now granted if your a guitar player this is probably all useless but for myself I had a blast doing that whole car thing this morning. I came up with at least two songs I’m going to flesh out. Everything you record can be brought back into your computer. There is one important feature request I would like to make. I want to be able to export the guitar and vocals separately. This is really a necessary option to grab bits of a great vocal take and apply processing to them.

“The unique concept of Star Guitar delivers an astonishing 144 chords at one screen. There are 7 root notes, every note has 5 chord modifiers. With such range, almost any song can be played. Turn a modifier on/off by tapping it. It’s really very simple. There are two modes for strumming chords: manual (with “SmartStrumming” technology for added realism) and automatic. Automatic mode is the “virtual guitarist”, with 18+ rhythm patterns to be picked from, each pattern has A and B variations (for chorus and verse). But that’s not all! You can export your recordings to .WAV / .CAF and bring them to your desktop computer via the built-in server over wi-fi.” –

We are now well into music apps with AI such as Songsmith, Harmony Navigator and SongFrame. If you add in helper and inspiration tools like Masterwriter and a C-Thru Axis keyboard writers block could be a thing of the past. Just remember to live life because your going to still need “something” interesting to say!

If guitar isn’t your forte for inspiration it’s ok because Star Piano is in the works. For more info:

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