One Morning in Golden Gate

Music. It’s everything to me. It’s very complicated and simple at the same time. Some songs have lyrics and the few minutes they play their story shows itself. Often I relate or even think the story was written specifically for me. Techno however relies on the experience. It’s why some people can’t understand the obsession. Last week in Berlin a few close friends and I went to Golden Gate. It’s a very small club that gets going usually in the morning hours. Although I played four live shows on my recent trip; like after a long day at the beach it’s the sounds from Golden Gate they have me still swaying, pining, wanting to be there on the dance floor again. If you were to hear any single song the DJ played that night on it’s own, say at work at your desk, or driving to the convient store you may appreciate the production or like it but unless you can reference it to a night out like I had your missing the point completely. I stood there somewhat knowing I’m at the peak of my existence. Successful, skinny and with no guilt I watched terrifically beautiful people from Italy, Spain and Germany dance. Like a movement chameleon I picked up the Berlin sashay and joined in. Song after song just got me. Each one clearer than the last. Each one a better bass than the last, a better hook than the last… it just kept on going. When I left in the early afternoon those sweet Berlin birds were singing and the taxi driver told me his story as his smooth Mercedes took me to my rental apartment. Berlin is so beautiful. The trees make incredible shadows on the streets.

“Nestled beneath the Jannowitzbrücke train stop, Golden Gate is one of Berlin’s grittiest clubs. The interior is small, dark and mostly free of decoration. It’s known for having exceptionally long operating hours, even for Berlin—most weeks there’s one party on Thursday night that finishes on Friday afternoon, then a second one that starts on Friday at midnight and lasts until Monday morning. The club consists of one main dance floor, a small sitting area, a bathroom section upstairs and a small garden in the summer.” – RA

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