Don’t touch me. Well ok but use this first.


Today just a heads-up on something useful I discovered. Living in New York City I am a bit obsessive about washing my hands. Every time I walk in the apartment I head right to the bathroom and shock my hands with blazing hot water and industrial strength soap. A side-effect of all my paranoia is the skin on my hands gets crazy dry. Therefore, my bathroom ritual ends with a decent slather of moisturizer. My routine was all fine and dandy until the day I bought and iPhone. My silky moisturized fingers turned into iPhone screen paint brushes aka streak city! I tried an anti-glare screen protector but after a few weeks I realized it made my screen dull.

My usual moisterizer ran out and by pure luck I picked up the “Gold Bond Ultimate healing” tube you see above. I was surprised to see I wasn’t getting any more iPhone streaks and took a look at the tube to find sure enough “Non-Greasy” is a feature. This little tidbit in my life made me so dam pleased I thought I’d tell you all today.