Future Sound Systems Decade Counter DC1

Future Sound Systems Decade Counter DC1 Demo from Future Sound Systems.

Buying a software synth is the gateway drug to harder synth purchases. After a few months of soft VSTs you may grab a used hardware virtual analog. Next thing you know you own a real analog then a vintage analog. Before you know it you end up starting a modular system. You have been warned. You can get the DC1 at Analogue Haven for $180.

“A Decade Counter takes a clock signal (usually from a square-wave LFO) and shares the clock to 10 outputs, sequentially counting through them. There are reset and disable inputs to allow interesting sequences with more LFOs or other gate/trigger/clock sources, and a /10 output to give a gate output when a step-cycle begins. There are many uses for this module. As well as a 10 step gate sequencer driven by an LFO, a gate signal could be set to drive the module and trigger up to 10 different sounds. With only 2 steps used, the performer can alternate between two different voices per note, which can be useful for creating a bowing effect. The DC1 can also be clocked to frequencies well within the audible range, so the module can act as a sub-oscillator or general audio mangler. If two square-wave oscillators are used with one patched into the clock input and the other patched into the reset input, interesting sync effects can be achieved by changing the pitch of the reset oscillator.” – futuresoundsystems.co.uk

For more info: futuresoundsystems.co.uk