Deathbat DJ Set

/\: How To Destroy The DanceFloor :/\ a MiniMal/TeKnO/EbM Mix by Deathbat on Mixcloud

I met DJ Deathbat at two of my live shows in France. His new mix “How To Destroy The DanceFloor” includes tracks from Tobias Bernstrup, DAF, The Mover, The Horrorist, Gesaffelstein, Tragic Error, Front 242 and more. Im Rhythmus Bleiben!!


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Philippe Laurent – Distorsion

Philippe Laurent is from France and Distorsion was recorded sometime in the early 80s. It was re-released in 2011 on Minimal Wave Records. Be sure to head to Philippe’s Facebook page to see some of his great live show photos as they have a super 80s aesthetic: click here

“Philippe Laurent is a plastic artist, musician and designer. Whether working with graphic codes or digital codes, plastic arts or music, Laurent’s approach is one of research, specifically having to do with people’s perception of signs and symbols. As a multi-media artist, he has always been open to new technologies, whether he is composing musical works or creating graphic works. During the 90s, he reached a landmark with his inter-disciplinary work via shows in France and Germany, by designing complex pieces that mixed various advanced techniques. His paintings, the illusion of calligraphies on monochromic funds, pose a question about the relationship between signs and meanings.” –

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Photos from France and Spain

I finally had a chance to sort through and post some photos from last week’s live shows in Bordeaux, France and San Sebastian, Spain. Both shows were good but as expected the Spain show was really crazy. Those kids really know how to party! All I can say is their event went to 5PM the next afternoon. I left my jacket in the DJ booth and went back and enjoyed walking through the parking lot full of cars and vans with kids doing all sorts of subersive activities. It’s good to know life is going on somewhere! The next live show is in Rotterdam on December 29 at the infamous Herr Zimmerman party!

To see the full photosets click here: Bordeaux and Spain.

“The perfect night for an incredible and crazy 2012 Closing Party in Rotterdam, Factory 010! Herr Zimmerman’s Spanky Wanky Party!!! :-) Very Spezial Guest & Live act! – The Horrorist (New York, USA)” –

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Cavaliers – Mansfield TYA

I really love this song Cavaliers (iTunes) by Mansfield TYA. Julia Lanoë and Carla Pallone formed the band in Nantes, France in 2002. I translated the lyrics and was pleasantly surprised this is quite dark.

“J’ai peur de dormir, j’ai peur du réveil. Je voudrais mourir pendant mon sommeil. Je me sens très lâche et j’ai peur de demain. Tant que j’aime la nuit mais j’ai peur du matin”

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1986 Depeche Mode and The Cure French Studio

This is a great video of Depeche Mode and The Cure from 1986. Watch Martin Gore playing Strangelove on his Guitar before Music for the Masses was released. Alan Wilder & Martin loading the song Nothing into an ancient computer by floppy disk and much more. In my opinion this captures DM at their very best moment in history right before their greatest album was released. Many will argue this was The Cure’s greatest period too and watching them work out the song Just Like Heaven is well heavenly.

“These are the songs. The songs are on here (floppy disk).” – Martin Gore

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Marseille France

Tomorrow night I perform live in Marseille, France at Le Dock De Duds for a large event called La Nuit Rouge. Besides The Horrorist (yours truly) party goers will hear from Modeselektor, Dj Rush, Fairmont, Monika Kruse, Pet Duo, Gary Beck, Marzenit & Henri Saiz Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Clickbox and many more. I personally know a few of the other musicians/djs and I have some friends coming so I’m expecting a good time. The only thing that could mess with my happiness is that I noticed I am wait listed in Rome for my layover heading there. I have no idea what that means and being I’m flying Alitalia I am slighting concerned. I get in early enough but I do like to catch a few hours of sleep before I hit the venue. I played a bunch of new songs on New Year’s eve and I was able to weed out tracks that didn’t work, make some tracks shorter/harder, etc… That’s the key to playing live. It makes your music better. I know I said that before but without being out there you won’t make music that’s consistently awesome out there. Music for bedroom listening you can do but there’s rarely a project studio monitoring system that can tell you what a song will really be like in a giant room pumping 20 zillion decibles.

“La Nuit Rouge revient le Samedi 26 Février 2011 au Dock des Suds à Marseille avec encore une fois des artistes à faire pâlir ses cousins européens, et une vrai révolution technique niveau son et lumière. Le Nec Plus Ultra de l’histoire Nuit Rouge!!!” –…

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