We Dress in Black

Another video example of a world I once lived in. What has been exploited and homogenized by Hot Topic’s in Malls across America once was underground and newsworthy. I think I need to raid my mothers closet again soon!

“Go inside this secret place tonight where black is in and the music is industrial strength and it’s always Halloween. On this Friday night we are going to take you to a nightclub you probably never knew existed. It’s a place where they dress in black and dance to Industrial Disco.” – Channel 9, Orlando

Under the Sea

Under Sea from David R Ryle on Vimeo.

I went scuba diving a few times in my life. The last time I went was in the Florida Keys. I happened to have a high fever but still decided to take the trip. We went out to sea much further than I expected and under the water our group went. The water was deep and then I came upon a ridge. The ridge was really an underwater cliff. I never saw anything so deep or frightening. I’m not sure if it was the fever or not but I’ll never forget that scene.

“A live modular recording. Three CGS01 Harmonic Sequencer modules from Catgirl Synth were used to generate melodies automatically. This generative piece reminded me of the virtually unlimited species of creatures under the sea.” – David R Ryle

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