Back from Germany, 1 Song and 5 Movie Reviews

My trip to Germany went off without a hitch and I had a mountain of fun. Something about my music and East German’s click so the live shows always are easy. My favorite part of the night was making songs in the car ride between the two events using my iPhone and the LaLiDa App. It’s like a mini Microsoft Songsmith and I made 8 songs in the hour journey. They are as stupid as you can imagine but two will end up on my next album for sure. Here’s one of the songs called “Unlike Americans”:

Unlike Americans by thingstocome

“Look at Europe. Look at those old houses. Look at Europeans having cafe. They like eating in groups of 10 or more even when they get old the’ve got lots of friends that’s unlike Americans. Look at Europe look at the side of the road. They’ve got bicycle paths. They bicycle to work. They’re not fat like Americans. Look at Europe. It rains all the time. Look at Europe it’s cafe time. Cobblestone roads nobody knows the secrets of the Europeans and their little houses I see on the side of the road.” – The Horrorist

I couldn’t sleep on the flight to Germany or back home so I ended up reading Wired, Macworld and watching five movies. Here’s my mini reviews on what I saw:

Where the Wild Things Are – I didn’t go to see this movie in the theater because I thought the preview looked a bit dumb and the reviews made me think it would be a long music video. Well I was way off base Spike Jones did a great job here. The movie is way dark and just plain great. Must see.

All About Steve – In this movie you get to see Sandra Bullock with her new re-arranged plastic surgery face. She’s also a tad anorexic. None of these things can make up for the fact that this movie is horrible. One of the 10 worst films I ever saw in my entire life.

Rachel Getting Married – Ever go to a wedding where you don’t know the people that well. All the extra lovey dovey stuff seems creepy as hell. Well this movie gives you the same feeling. The plot tries to pull tears out of you but fails big time. Transparent and lame.

An Education – This was an super surprise. I never heard of this movie but it was sexy fantastic. A British 17 year old girl is seduced by an older man. This is the kind of movie that makes you desperately want to be a teenager in love again. Very highly recommended!

Everybody’s Fine – Robert De Niro should stop making films. He’s past his prime and can’t carry a good plotted movie let alone this absolute turd. Miss this at all costs.

Ok back to reality, the day job and Musikmesse is in a few days!