LTD Edition Fire Funmania

I am extremely pleased to announce that a Limited Edition of my newest album Fire Funmania is available. Made in Germany and limited to 100 copies you get the album on 12″ Vinyl, CD with 2 exclusive Bonus Tracks and an Armband. The set is only 20 Euros so they will disappear quickly. Thanks to Steffen Kuschel and Maurice Roy for making this happen.

“just received it from . Great package!” – JF.Gore

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Fire Funmania Side-Line Review

If you asked me what is the most important website to get EBM, goth, synthpop and New Wave news hands down I would say Side-Line. I love when I am mentioned there and they just reviewed my latest album Fire Funmania (link). I am extremely glad they like it. It took me about 18 months to create the songs and even though the initial release came out a month ago the party is only getting started. The cassette, limited German CD and 12″ and merchandise are all forthcoming. I also didn’t forget to let you know the behind the scenes production and song writing wise. I will start tomorrow with “Enter the Sex Game” so stay tuned.

“The songs remain simple, but damn efficient. The Horrorist is a sound wizard confirming his genius on “Starving For You”. The Horrorist has deployed his entire battery of electronic creativity which resulted in a new fascinating and diversified opus.” – Side-Line Magazine

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Fire Funmania Compact Disc

I am very please to let you know the USA/Canada version of Fire Funmania is now available on Compact Disc. This follows the already released Digital version. Still to come is the Cassette and limited edition German/Europe 12″ and CD. Thanks again to Maurice Roy for his fantastic graphic design work and Andi Harriman for the photos. To see a full set of photos close up: click here.

“I’m pretty sure this is the most deranged, insane, sexually charged album I’ve heard in a long time. I want to dance and throw punches at the same time.” – djdiamondkutz (via iTunes)

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The Horrorist – Fire Funmania

I am extremely pleased to tell you my fourth full length album has been released and it’s called Fire Funmania. These are the ten best songs I have recorded in the past eighteen months. This album is more like my first album Manic Panic and the album cover image and colors purposely reflect that. Like Alex in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange I have returned to my evil self here.

Releasing a full length album is a huge deal for any musician. Saturday is my birthday and getting this released is my gift to myself. To celebrate I’m playing in Aachen, Germany. The event called DODT is very synthpunk and underground. I can’t wait to get on stage. Another way I’m going to celebrate the release of Fire Funmania is to write about each of the songs. A few songs are quite clear in their meanings but I love to talk about the technical side of production. I used a lot of vintage and new hardware on this release. Other songs such as Kissing Anne I think would benefit from some discussion or at least make a good read. No matter the content I believe all music is art. It should be a human right to freely express yourself without fear. Song writing is one of the most important things in my life.

If you like my music or just like reading Wire to the Ear the best way to say thank you is to buy this release. The digital release is available today on iTunes, Beatport and Amazon MP3. In the coming weeks there will be a CD a limited edition 12″ vinyl and cassette.

“The Horrorist returns in 2013 with his 4th full length album! He goes back to his roots with 10 completely evil, wild, sex filled tracks. This is really dark, sick twisted material! Will be played at many afterparties! 10/10!!!” –

This week’s pick comes from the electronic artist The Horrorist. His fourth album Fire Funmania is being released on Things To Come Records and it is wickedly dark and evil. There are some strange experimental type tracks on here that will make you say “hmm”, but there are also “regular” techno type tracks that many of you will expect. Especially if you are only familiar with his breakout hit “One Night In NYC“. Go into this album thinking The Horrorist is an artist first and a techno producer second, you will thank me. – Auxiliary Magazine (Mike Kieffer)

The horror show returns! From the first song to every one after this is pure sexyness. Electronic torture never sounded so good! Awesome album. – iTunes”

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The Horrorist 2012 Preview

I’m off the Berlin today. I’ll let the video above speak for itself. I’ve been working hard on music for you. I hope you like it. More to come before the November release!

June – NEW Single “Take this Step” with remixes by Pet Duo, Lenny Dee, Mark Hawkins and Brian Burger
August – NEW Single and VIDEO “The Man Master” with remix by David Carretta
October – NEW Single TBA
November – NEW ALBUM “Fire Funmania”

Come see The Horrorist Live: May 25 – Berlin, May 26 – Edinburg, June 1 – Magdeburg, June 2 – Leipzig, July 21 – Rotterdam…

Side projects with Tom Carpenter, Richter, Alex Kvitta, Pet Duo and more.

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