The Horrorist Live Smack! Show Report

I finally was able to gather together some photos from my live show on Saturday night. As you can see it was a bloodfest. The Smack! Halloween Fetish Ball is an annual event. Even though NYC experienced a freak snow and ice storm people came out. I met and watched the Orlando band The Ludovico Technique (a name from the movie a Clockwork Orange) from Orlando, Florida perform. They had a mountain of gear with them including an SKB rack just for vocals. I saw an old Boss SE50 and TC Electronic Voiceworks in there. Of course they also had a grinder (tool). There was also semi live sex show “sexorsism” and some good goth/ebm DJs some from the old days and some new. Thank you to Xris and crew for producing the darkness.

“SMack! is New York City’s Premier Multimedia Fetish Play Party. NYC’s Longest running Fetish Event, we’ve been setting the trends since 1996, and after 15 years worth of events, we’re still pushing the envelope with new Performers / Models / Fashion Shows, cutting edge music / DJ’s, VJ’s / video artists/projections, play equiptment / machines, Dungeon Play Space/Dominatrix Hosts…”

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