Adam Frank fake studio window


I’m building a new recording studio. For sound and security reasons I’m not putting in any windows. I have quiet mechanical mechanical ventilation installed to take care of my fresh air. To insure it’s not perpetual night inside the room I’ve chosen my lighting carefully. 3000K (Kelvin) T5 lamps are a good start to get the room a real daylight light. However, I am seriously considering the Reveal from Adam Frank to help trick my mind. It’s a projection that puts a fake window on your fall. I like the marketing hype for Reveal, “Multi-plane analog images create real depth of focus. Air currents through the projector create organic non-repeating movement in the trees. The lamp color closely mimics multi-spectrum sunlight.”. You can also choose a few different window and tree options. Maybe a projection of a cheering stadium of fans would be better?


“Reveal is a new type of ambient interior lighting. This product creates the impression of sunlight streaming through a window and onto an interior wall. A light breeze appears to move through trees in the cast image.” –

Reveal is $380.00 USD. $50 for extra window/tree panels. For more info: