Audio Tools from Studio Six Digital

Studio Six Digital makes iPhone and iPad sound measurement Apps and hardware. Some of the tools include a SPL Meter, FFT Analysis, Impulse Response Recorder, THD+n Measurement and a Speaker Polarity/Distortion tests. There’s also an Impedance Meter and an Impedance Sweep test.

“The Impulse Response module for AudioTools provides an easy way to capture an IR audio file on the iPhone / Touch, and also calculates the most-needed metrics from the data. Impulse Response is an iPhone port of a powerful mathematical model developed on desktop computers by Daniel Valente, Ph.D Architectural Acoustics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In seconds, a complete set of measurements is made that describe the acoustic character of a room.” –

There is some competition in this space. Also check out: Faber Acoustical

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Faber Acoustical sound measurement iPhone apps.

The iPhone is a device that can combine and replace so many useful tools. Today you can add another tool to that list: an SLM (sound levelmeter). Faber Acoustical based out of Utah has been making signal analysis software on Mac OS-X for a while and they have just ported some of their sound measurement code to the iPhone. You no longer need to break out the a RadioShack SPL meter to prove your neighbor’s sex antics or too loud. Here are some of the features of SoundMeter:

  • Measure time-weighted and equivalent sound levels.
  • Employ Flat, A, or C frequency weighting.
  • Time-weighted measurement options include Fast, Slow, and Impulse weightings.
  • Keep track of peak and maximum sound levels.
  • Save high-resolution sound level display images to the iPhone’s Camera Roll photo album. Descriptive text may be added to the image before it is saved.
  • Calibration controls enable automatic calibration, relative to a calibrated sound level meter, or manual entry of the microphone sensitivity.
  • SoundMeter supports rotating the iPhone upside down, so the built-in microphone sits on top of the device when measuring sound levels.
  • With the iPhone’s built-in microphone, SoundMeter can measure peak sound levels of up to approximately 105 dB. With the iPhone’s included headset microphone, SoundMeter can measure peak sound levels of up to approximately 100 dB.

SoundMeter is available via the iTunes App store for $19.99. So far the reviews from people who bought it are positive.

Be sure to also check out SignalScope and SignalSuite at the FaberAcoutical website: