Espenhain Show Report

I’m back from a long weekend in Germany. The airline lost my luggage going and coming. To get my equipment in time for the show I had to go from the Leipzig airport to Tegel Berlin by car. This all took so long that I had to go directly on stage without sleeping almost 24 hours. Everyone reacts differently to situations like this and I just get basically [more] insane. Luckily that’s exactly what my live show calls for so it was all for the better. The show photos and the video I made above (music and video recorded in the car on my iPhone) shows my state of mind. To see the full set of photos from the night: click here. The Wet Club in Espenhain German has been properly opened. Stand by the Innovators!

“On the Autobahn. Driving on the Autobahn in a Mercedes Benz with an Italian. It’s the Axis Powers because we have a Japanese girl tied up in the trunk. We’re the Axis Powers driving on the Autobahn.”

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Wet Club

I’m heading to the airport soon for a live show Saturday night in Espenhain, Germany. Espanhain is about a half hour from Leipzig. The event is for the opening night at a brand new club called the Wet Club. It’s a large event with a lot of DJs and live acts some of which include Divinity (Divinity.De, Bash Events), Tom B. (Beatbrothers, Dusted Decks), Jokers Of The Scene (Fool’s Gold), Acidkids (München), The Robstars (Beatbrothers), Perry Live! (Zehnvierzig and Psychodevils (Leveltrauma, Pd Records, Trier). I often think playing these German events is a kin to American car companies testing their cars on the Nuremberg Track. If you can rock as good as even the last person listed on the flyer you have some cred. I plan on sweating a few pounds off on stage for sure. If I can I will send you updates from the road. You can of course always follow my obligatory waiting in the airport and about to lift off Tweets (link).

“The solar power plant Espenhain Leipzig is in the municipality. This power plant is a photovoltaic power station. It is a partnership project of the Berlin project development company Geosol and Shell. The power plant was dedicated on the September 8, 2004 and at that time one of the largest of its type in Europe.” – Wikipedia

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