Ikea hacker. Build a nice headphone stand.

I was watching this weeks episode of Tekzilla and their “website of the week” is Ikea Hacker. I admit I am a bit of an Ikea junkie and i’ve been to the Ikea Hacker site before. Today I clicked over today to see what crazy things people are creating and I came across Wiretap’s (a user name) headphone stand.

I just built a headphone stand out of miscellaneous Ikea parts.. lol. It’s so solid you could probably kill someone with it. Everything is that stainless steel stuff. It all cost me about $15 to $20 max to build. (some of the stuff I found in the ‘returned items and clearance’ section). – hardforum.com

I use something similar to K&M’s 18957 headphone holder which is basically just a hook. However, the one I have clips onto my mic stand.

Does anyone know if wireless headphones lived up to their expectations? It would be nice to get rid of the headphone wire in particular. Remember that in any place your going to be sitting for eight hours ergonomics is important. A $5 hook can save you from a little pain.

For more photos and info on how to build of Wiretap’s Ikea headphone stand head to Ikea Hacker:
click here

Wiretap’s original post on hardforum.com: click here

Studio Ergonomics. Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.

Herman Miller Aeron Chairs

This past Saturday night I performed at an event called Mindcontroller. The concert took place in Zaandam which is basically right outside Amsterdam. The venue Hemkade is pretty famous, at least to Dutch people. It was also my 38th birthday. What does this all have to do with the Aeron Chair? Well, as part of my set I like to get close to the crowd. I jumped off the stage to get near people about 5-6 times. Ever since I’ve been back to Berlin my knee has been killing me. This was the first time I ever had any pain from performing. The only place it hasn’t been hurting is in my recording studio. Why? Because of my Aeron Chair.

Look around your studio and visually price things out. I bet all your good gear that you use runs between $400-$3000. What do you use the most? Unless your a dancing freak and work standing up the correct answer is: your chair!

The Aeron chair is a product of Herman Miller, designed in 1994 by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. It is an ergonomic chair which is expensive but regarded by many as very comfortable. Its breakthrough design has gained it a spot in the New York Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection. The chair is not upholstered. Instead, the seat and back are made of a semi-transparent and flexible mesh called Pellicle. Another noteworthy feature is that the Aeron is manufactured in three different sizes, A, B and C for Small, Medium and Large respectively. – Wikipedia.org

I bought my Aeron Chair in 2001 when the big dot com bust happened. About 200 companies closed shop in New York City and everything went on auction. I had my eye on the Aeron Chair for a while by that point and I managed to get one for $350.

Here are my favorite features about the Aeron Chair that help me in the studio:The Horrorist Live

You can adjust the height of the seat. This is important so your feet can lie flat on the ground. If you want your legs to fit comfortably under a synth rack or computer keyboard shelf the Aeron chair will comply.

You can adjust the height and angle of the arm rests. If your mousing all day long having your elbow the same height as your desk will give you support. Being able to angle the arm rests gives you the ability to have the non mouse hand arm rest aiming toward your controller keyboard.

The “relax” tilt mode. The Aeron has a unique latch that when released the chair leans back and almost floats you. This is a great position when listening to your final mixes.

You can replace the wheels with special non scratch wheels. I have gorgeous new hard wood floors in my studio. I didn’t want to scratch them up or have one of those ridiculous plastic mats in the center of the room. $50 got me new wheels that don’t do damage. They also they slow the wheeling spinning action down so you can’t fly around so easily.

Watch these videos on how to set it up an Aeron properly: click here