Watch out it’s a new Gaspar Noé movie.


Gaspar Noé. Do you know that name? If not go and rent a movie called Irreversible. Are you back? I apologize. I know that was really hard to watch. Now you will never forget the name Gaspar Noé. He’s a French director who up until this point had ridden the line between “The next Stanley Kubrick!” and “Disgusting useless film maker”. He has a new movie called Enter the Void which will help the world decide which tag line will be set upon his name permanently.

I’m not sure why but there is violence that is wrong,  violence like porn and violence like art. Our world has a large pool of music that fits in the violence as art category. Maybe violence as a musical form is the easiest way we as humans digest and excise such dark parts of our physiques. What I find so interesting about Gaspar Noé’s films is how they seem less like movies and more like my favorite evil album.

Have you seen any of his films?