The sweet sound of elevator music.

Today is one of “those” days. It’s 7:00 AM, raining. I have a dentist appointment, haircut appointment and then I need to hit the bank. The dentist is across the other side of Berlin and I’m getting a crown so I expect a very long needle. So far the German dentists have been far better than my evil NYC guy. One thing I find strange is they don’t play any music in the dentist office here. I never realized how much I actually want that elevator crap playing! All I will hear today is drill and German.

The haircut salon is a different story. I will be treated to extremely loud gay vocal electrohouse. This is better than nothing and it diverts my attention from the housewives getting their hair dyed burgundy. This is a weird trend of older East German ladies and it’s truly not right. At least I get a long creepy scalp massage.

My Deutsche Bank skips the music and has televisions set to news channels. Today I have to explain that for some reason after two years with the same pin number this past weekend I couldn’t remember it. I tried to use the card to get cash out and after the third incorrect try the machine kept my plastic. I hope they discover a cure for Alzheimer’s sooner than later.

Something tells me making this blog post will be the highlight of August 27, 2008.

photo credit: Kjerstin