I’m really into Eurorack drum modules at the moment so I was excited to discover the Elby Designs CGS747 Cynare Drum Synthesizer. I really like that is has a full EG, VCF and VCA built-in. I’ve been using my AS Telemark for some slowly filtering white noise bursts but the Cynare should be able to cover that and free the Telemark up again for more synth duties. $337 USD.

“The CGS747 is one of a family of 3 CGS drum simulators from Ken Stone. It generates a single drum sound that can be adjusted to sound like a cymbal, hi-hat, snare drum, electronic drum, or numerous other percussive sounds. It is a complete dedicated synthesizer in its own right, including six oscillators, a noise source, a mixer, an envelope generator, a VCF and a VCA.” –

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photo credit: matrixsynth