5 Crucial Traktor Settings

Some very good tips from Ean Golden concerning Traktor preferences. I didn’t even have “Loading only into stopped deck” checked! Now I do.

“From simple latency adjustments to unknown crucial details like preventing accidental deck stops, I’m busting out the iSight camera and walking you through what you need to know!” Ean Golden

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Ean Golden on G4

Ean shows off his new MIDI Fighter 3D and talks about what DJs can expect as pay. Does the 3D Fighter work with a Traktor S4 set up? What do you think of his pay scale thoughts? I think he’s close.

“A few months ago, Attack of the Show producers got in touch with Ean to see if he’d be interested in appearing in a new segment on their show, “Rad Jobs”. – djtechtools.com

For more info: djtechtools.com

DJ PowerTools

One of the great things about the Traktor S4 system is it’s Loop Decks and multicolored/use wave display. From a producers standpoint who DJs the DJ PowerTools sound packs could be interest. They are basically sounds specifically created for use within Traktor. We are at the point where Traktor can be used as a studio remix tool. In some ways it’s more fun than a carefully planned DAW session.

“DJ PowerTools are the world’s first sound packs designed for controllerists. Using cue points and effects, any DJ can play synth instruments inside DJ software and remix songs on the fly.” – djtechtools.com

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