djay for iPad 2

djay hits 1.2 with some nice features. We need a 12″ screened iPad ok Apple? By the way there’s no reason you shouldn’t load two copies of one of your own tracks in this thing and make a quick remix!

“Key Lock: Utilizing zplane.development’s advanced time-stretching technology, élastique efficient, Key Lock offers the ability to stretch the audio of each turntable individually in real-time, enabling users to change the speed of the song without affecting its pitch. Enhanced Audio Analysis: Features high precision beat-grid and onset extraction with a visual representation on the wave form; users can now beat-match songs with even greater precision. Loop / Cue Snapping: djay aligns loops and cue points to the song’s beat grid based on the enhanced accuracy of the audio analysis.” –

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djay vs Sonorasaurus Rex

Here is a nice ten minute comparison of the current two best DJ Apps for the iPad. I’ve got both and I think djay from Algoriddim is the winner. It’s very close to being something I would use out in a club. Check out my recent posts on djay: djay for ipad and djay and tangerine.

“This movie compares two current DJ apps for the iPad – djay from Algoriddim and Sonorasaurus Rex from Pajamahouse.” – Rob Jones

In the App Store: djay and Sonorasaurus Rex

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djay and Tangerine

I’ve been playing with the newly released djay for iPad app from algoriddim. It’s quite fun and you can make competant mixes with it. It’s getting rave reviews on the app store for good reason. As you can see in the screenshot above I was able to grab Absolute Body Control and Alien Sex Fiend directly from the iPads library. It’s nice that the artwork populates the virtual platters. I did have a few crashes which makes the app a no go for anything in front of an audience. However, if they can get the stability up they have a home run.

My biggest issue was not knowing the BPM of many of my songs. Instead of tapping my finger on a BPM iPhone app I found a great Mac application called Tangerine from Potion Factory that did the work for me. It took about 15 minutes to analyze my entire iTunes library which is about 90 gigabytes. It automatically put the BPM info into the iTunes BPM field.

The only thing I need now if for the djay app to display the BPM field when searching for songs in it’s browser. Pretty please?

“Plus, I’m writing this review with automix on and it’s still playing! A new song just came on and the transition was flawless! It crashed once at the beginning, but after a hard reset it was fine. Hey, another song is playing now!” – YourRadioFriend (iTunes review)

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