is a place you can download techno sets.

No one likes a fat rock star. Because of that fact I hit the gym about five times a week. I do thirty minutes of weight training and thirty cardio. Sometimes I run on the treadmill and sometimes I do the dam elliptical trainer. So I do I keep from going mind numbingly bored? How do I keep myself motivated? I have an endless supply of new DJ sets.

Almost every day you can find a new mix posted at The obvious disclaimer here is that more likely than not this is not a legit site. I doubt any proper permission or licensing has been sorted out for these to be available. That said I am always happy when my own live sets show up on filesharing sites. In the end it just gets me more bookings. I personally have bought quite a few tracks on Beatport that I discovered while listening to DJ sets.

LOL DJs. A website that makes fun of Disc Jockeys.

Invisible Groupies - photo

In my song “Room of Posers” I have a line that says “The DJ spins some records he thinks he is a musician”. I actually think controlling the “wheels of steel” is an art. I have a big respect for many turntable masters. Track selection, mixing, scratching, computer DJ effect controlling and feeding off the crowd all take concentration and skill.

That said, we all need to be made fun of from time to time so. In honor of all the unknown disc jockeys clearing the dancefloor I present to you the LOL DJs website:

Have you ever cleared the room?