The Death Cab for Cutie iPhone application.

Death Cab for Cutie - iPhone

The American indie-rock band Death Cab for Cutie made some waves in the geek world last week by releasing an iPhone app. The application’s release was well covered in the blogosphere and a reoccurring theme was, “Every band should have their own app!”. So today’s post is a question to you. As a self described iPhone junkie I want an app for my own band… but is there a way? I see two barriers to make this happen. First, unless there is a white box way to make iPhone apps (is there?) then I would need to hire a programmer. Second, even if I had an official app I would have to have it cleared by Apple before it enters the store.

With those two barriers in mind I think the best way forward would be a web app/interface. So if you know any bands who created web interfaces for the iPhone send me the links in the comments please. I wonder if there is a service like or Rapid Weaver specifically for iPhone web interfaces. By the way, the next version of Wire to the Ear will include an iPhone optimized site.

Take a closer look at the Death Cab for Cutie iPhone app: click here