Steinberg Model-E Returns

I really didn’t see Steinberg re-releasing some of the very first widely used VST plug-ins Model-E and VB-1. Cubase VST was one of the biggest innovations in music production. To be able to have software instruments, effects, audio recording and a MIDI sequencer all natively running was quite amazing in the mid 1990s. The first computer I owned that was capable of running the software was a Power Computing Powercenter Pro210 Mac clone. The Pro210 had a 210MHZ processor, 16MB of RAM and a 2GB hard drive. I was able to run Model-E a Moog type clone and maybe one reverb plug-in. You can hear Model-E in my remix of for David Tarrida the “Horrormone” remix. It’s the main detuned synth. The new version of Model-E is unsupported but free. Now where is my 2012 version of Neon?

“Holy crap there’s a 64 bit version of Model E (Diva faces stiff competition)” – aMUSEd

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