Remix The Horrorist

The record label The Seed is having a remix contest for my song Automatic. The song which is about guns was originally released in 2007 on my album Attack Decay. It’s such a strong dance track I still play it live.

Demo Dropbox:
Download the Stems:

“The Seed is proud to announce that we are doing our first ever remix contest in association with Underground legend, The Horrorist. For your remix to be considered it must be uploaded to our demo dropbox by no later than May 13, 2013. The contest will be judged by The Horrorist and label management. Winners selected will have their remix released as part of the “Automatic; Reloaded” Remix collection out in June on the Seed.” –

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The RPM Challenge

For years I’ve been thinking how great it would be to write a song a day or something along those lines. I write a lot of music but it’s in bursts and most of it I would never release. The RPM Challenge is an online get together where you basically record an album in a month. I just came across this and the 2010 challenge is almost over so why blog it? I really enjoyed checking out the site. Somehow it feels like a small music town get together. I also like listening to songs recorded quickly. The less contrived the music is usually the better.

“This is The Challenge – Record an album in 28 days, just because you can. That’s 10 songs or 35 minutes of original material recorded during the month of February. Go ahead… put it to tape. Don’t wait for inspiration – taking action puts you in a position to get inspired. You’ll stumble across ideas you would have never come up with otherwise, and maybe only because you were trying to meet a day’s quota of (song)writing. Show up and get something done, and invest in yourself and each other. Anyone can come up with an excuse to say “no,” so don’t!” –

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Serotonin Records and FOEM remix contest.

A good way to practice your music making skills and possibly get noticed is to enter a remix contest. It’s also a good way for label’s to procure a “free” track that sits above the average remix. My old friend John Selway sent me an email this morning:

hey man

how’s things? we started Serotonin records again and we’re doing a contest with for an upcoming release.

maybe you’d consider giving us a nod on your blog..?


I met John in the early 90s at Suny Purchase. He lived down the hall from me and I heard the sound of a Roland TB-303 coming from his room. Only a few weeks earlier I was at club Mars in the Astro Turf room listening to a British DJ play Acid House for the first time. I remember that night being so blown away and wondering what the hell equipment made those sounds. John was more than happy to let me in on the secret and within a week I bought my own 303 from Rogue Music in NYC for $350. Back at school John and I started a band called Disintegrator. We had 303’s and 909’s synced to Atari’s and Amiga’s using a Roland SBX-80. We also hacked audio outputs onto a bunch of electronic toy guns and started playing live.

A DJ named Frankie Bones from Brooklyn returned from a gig in the UK. This wasn’t a normal DJ gig for him as he witnessed the birth of the Rave Scene and he was determined to show everyone in NYC what he experienced. He opened a store called Groove, a bunch of record labels and got the first techno events going in the USA called Storm Rave. This was the beginning of the Rave scene in New York. Everyone knew this was the beginning of something new and John and I had Disintegrator demo cassettes with us at all times. It wasn’t long before we met Frankie’s brother Adam X and a Jimmy Crash. They had a new label called Direct Drive and offered to release Disintegrator. At the time I had no idea I would still be doing this 16 years later!

So back to the remix contest. There are two tracks to be remixed this time: Schismism and/or Facts by Synapse. You can remix both tracks or only one. Two remixes per track is maximum. The contest ends on August 31, 2008. The prize is at least one original vinyl release on Serotonin, one remix in exchange from Synapse, Vinyl from the Serotonin backstock and some T-shirts.

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Ohm Force is having a video tutorial contest.

One of the best makers of software audio plug-ins is having a contest. If your good at making video tutorials you could win some nice tools. I may have to take a stab at it myself!

We’ve just launched a video tutorial contest. It will happen at our new blog and the direct link for the “cohmpetition” is:

There is a first prize: 2 free Ohm Force plug-ins for each one who sends us a video tutorial concerning one or more of our products. No limits: if we have 50 attempts, each one will win the 2 free plug-ins.

There are 4 special prizes: four ALL-ALL Bundles with our whole collection, for the “audience choice” and the “Ohm Force choice” in both two contest categories.

Videos can be submitted until July 31th 2008. Each participant should host his own video (Youtube or Dailymotion) and send us its link to in order to submit it.

What’s your favorite Ohm Force plug-in?